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The Latest G2 from Avi Lipkin


General Manager, Koinonia House

As many of you know, Avi Lipkin has been a long-time friend of this ministry. When we invited him to Coeur d'Alene in 2001 he predicted the Islamic plot to take down the World Trade Center two months before it happened. Many of you will remember this from the briefing pack, Legacy of Hate, which literally was arriving in the mail on September 11, 2001.

We have all been caught up in the deaths of our soldiers in Iraq, Afghanistan and around the world, and we should continue to pray for the safety of our troops that are risking their lives to protect our own, but while Iraq seems to be the front lines in the war on terror, there is an even more deadly plot being carried out by the Muslim extremists both here and abroad.

In our featured briefing pack this month, Avi talks about his background and the relationship with his wife, who is from Egypt and speaks fluent Arabic. Rachel monitors the radio broadcasts from Egypt and the other Muslim nations in the area and hands this information along to Avi.

As you can imagine, our politically correct press never bothers to pick up these fundamentally important stories. The picture that is being painted for us in the U.S. about our so-called Muslim friends is quite different from the reality in their own countries. Many of these Arabic radio broadcasts continue to call for the destruction of Israel and an end to the Zionist movement.

The Two-Front War

While the first priority of Islam is to eliminate the "infection" of the Jewish people and to eliminate the infidels in Islam's most holy country, Saudi Arabia, there is another agenda writhing just under the surface: the goal-world domination; the mechanics-infestation. Judaism was at one point in the not-to-distant past the second largest religious group in America, boasting over four million in number. In the past 30 years, since the fall of the Ayatollah in Iran, that is no longer the case. There are now some 17 million Muslims in America and they are making their voices known. Listed in the holiday stamps section this year from the USPS was a tribute to Islam:(http://shop.usps.com/cgi-bin/vsbv/postal_store_non_ssl/home.jsp).

In our public schools, while it is against the law to pray, talk about Jesus, sing Christmas hymns, or read from the Bible, the study of Islam is becoming a required course, including discussions about the positive aspects of jihad and the true and kind nature of the Koran's teachings.

In this newest briefing, Avi talks about fanatical Islam's invasion techniques and how they are being put into effect in Canada, the EU, and here in the United States.

One of the points he makes is that while the Christian community is fractured and divided, the Muslims are highly organized. Their communities are built from the ground up insuring that Muslims get all of their services from other Muslims, so that no infidels will profit from their enterprise.

The Recruitment

One of the more poignant stories Avi relates is the tale of a women from Egypt who was granted a workers visa from Canada. Just hours after she received the news about her approved visa, three men appeared at her door, congratulating her on her foreign approval. (I should mention at this point that this woman was a doctor who had run a free health care clinic in one of the poorest suburbs of Cairo.) The women asked how they could possibly know about her approval as she had not had a chance to tell anyone else about the news.

Their response was frightening to say the least. They proceeded to inform her that she was to be a spy for Islam in Canada, and she was to gather information on her Jewish and Christian clients - including all their medical records - and forward this information back to them, with the purpose of compiling an extensive profile of the enemy, to be kept in secret until the appropriate time.

While there are many obvious threats to our safety, it is usually the less overt actions that pose the greatest threats. In our politically correct world where the courts are looking to international law for legal precedent, can it be far off before we adapt our hate crime laws to cover speaking out against Islam or any other false religion? Of course Christianity will find no sure protection under this legal system. Canada and many EU countries have already adopted such laws and I fear that it will not be long before we follow suit.

The Latest G2 from the Middle East

As I sat in the audience as Avi spoke, one of the most interesting insights he expounded on was the idea that he, as a Jew, saw the Ezekiel scenario in an eschatalogical sense the same way that we do. Keep in mind that Avi is not a Messianic Jew. From this, Avi informed us of his intention in forming a Christian political party in Israel. This may sound impossible, but he pointed out that the Muslims are represented in the Knesset and there are more Christians in the Holy Land than Muslims.

This was a very informative time for me as well as our local attendees. I think that you will find this briefing insightful in both its strategic and tactical perspectives. Please see Avi Lipkin's briefing package, Sleeping in America: The Secret War.


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