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New Online Classes Start April 10th!

Koinonia Institute Update:

Join the many who have responded to our challenge to ''raise the bar'' spiritually in their lives! Koinonia Institute provides affordable educational opportunities that can fit into anyones schedule. As an extension of Koinonia House, we are now offering our own Graduate Certificate program, as well as working together with Louisiana Baptist University to assist students in their pursuit of professional degrees up to the Ph.D. level.

Benefits of KI Online Classes

Koinonia Institute Online offers the following benefits not found in self study:

  • Community Learning Environment- Interact with other students studying the same material to help you learn.

  • Unit Quizzes - Take online quizzes to keep your studying on track and measure your learning.

  • Paced Learning- Online classes are paced to fit into your busy schedule and provide a focused, guided Bible study.

  • Real-time Chat- Opportunity to have discussions with students and facilitators via real-time chat.

  • Discussion Boards- Ability to discuss studies with students and facilitators.

KI is perfect for the training up of Small Group Leaders. In fact, many small groups are taking these online classes together. For more specifics on how your small group can participate, click here to email Dan Stolebarger.

These courses are available for as low as $35 plus materials. For more information on Koinonia Institute, as well as to sign up for upcoming online classes, go to www.studycenter.com. The following courses will begin on April 10th (all of our course are available for self study at any time):

Learn the Bible in 24 Hours

BIB 101: Old Testament Survey (3 credits) An overview of the Old Testament, emphasizing the integrity of design. An introduction to conservative hermeneutics with an emphasis on inerrancy and using the Bible to interpret itself.

BIB 102: New Testament Survey (3 credits) An overview of the New Testament, exploring the claims, reality, and mission of Jesus Christ and to provide an initial exposure to eschatological controversies.

Hermeneutics 101

BIB 103: Hermeneutics 101 (3 credits) This course focuses on how we got our Bible, and how to seriously study the Bible. Cosmic Codes

BIB 150: Bible Cryptology (3 credits) An introduction to cryptology and an exploration of cryptography and hidden messages in the Biblical text.

The Book of Genesis

BIB 201: Book of Genesis I (3 credits) An expositional study of Genesis Chapters 1-11, with an emphasis on the Creation Week, the Fall, and the Flood.

The Book of Proverbs

BIB 206: Book of Proverbs (3 credits) An expositional study of Proverbs. A recurring theme is the pursuit is wisdom and right living.

The Book of Daniel

BIB 203: Book of Daniel (4 credits) An expositional study of Daniel. Scholars consider Daniels prophecies to be vital to understanding the end times.

The Book of Revelation

BIB 204: Book of Revelation I (3 credits) An expositional study of Revelation Chapters 1-5, with an emphasis on the Letters to Seven Churches.

BIB 205: Book of Revelation II (3 credits) An expositional study of Revelation Chapters 6-22, with an emphasis on Gods judgments on post-Rapture earth.

Prophecy 101

PRO 101: Intro to Prophecy (3 credits) An introductory review of Bible Prophecy in four parts: The Nature of Prophecy, Prophecies Past, Prophecies Future, and Prophecies Present.

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