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Have You Ever...?

An Israel Devotional:

This is a reflection of the 33 days I spent in Israel. Ill be using Job 38 as a springboard (before going on with this, you must read Job 38). Now, with that in mind, let me ask you the following:

Have you ever stood at sunset in the fine sand of Tel Aviv and looked down toward Joppa and remembered the events that happened to Jonah and Peter? Have you ever stood on Mount Carmel and heard the challenge of Elijah to the people of Israel? Have you ever been to the top of Mt. Precipice and looked down one side and visualized the tiny springs of Nazareth and then looked the other way over the Valley of Jezreel? Have you ever wondered what Jesus knew as a young boy growing up?

Have you ever felt the cold chill as you climbed the cliffs of Arbel? Do you remember what it was like when you saw the whole of Galilee for the first time? Have you ever sailed on the Galilee and felt the breeze and relived Peters experience? (Were you tempted to give it a try?) Have you ever read the Sermon on the Mount where it originated and then walked down the mount to the shores of Galilee? Have you ever visited Jesus neighborhood in Capernaum? Did you sit in His synagogue? Have you ever been baptized in the Jordan? Have you ever knelt down at the Springs of Gideon? Were you watchful or did you lap like a dog?

Do you remember what it was like when you saw Jerusalem for the first time? Did you cry? Can you put that experience into words? Have you ever seen the Golden Gate from the Mount of Olives? Can you imagine what it will be like when the Messiah proceeds through those gates once again? Have you walked down the Mt. of Olives to Gethsemane? How was your quiet time? Did you ever visit Caiphais house and go down to the cistern (did you read Psalm 88?). Did you ever make it to the Pavement at Ecce Homo? Did you run your hands over the pavement? Do you remember the Place of the Skull? Do you remember going into the Tomb?

If you dont have these memories yet, then join us! Believe me; it will change your life. Our next trip will be this fall - for more information, visit this page to email my wonderful wife, Sharon.


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