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Koinonia Institute Update:

Director of Koinoina Institute

Koinonia Institute is continuing to forge ahead and the Lord is providing clarity as we go. The areas that are coming into focus are: 1) Our KI stand-alone program; 2) Small Group Roundtables; 3) Small Group KIers; 4) Israel; 5) New Courses; 6) New Teaching Assistants; and, 7) Our Term Paper Contest.

FIRST – Our KI Stand-Alone Program.

As this issue goes to print, we are putting the finishing touches on our Koinonia Institute handbook, which will introduce the three levels of our Institute (Berean, Issachar and Koinonos) and outline the different tracks. We will also be revealing our Medallion and Ringbearer requirements. It is exciting for us to have the fog lifting and we are looking forward to the clear presentation of our Institute.

SECOND – Small Group Roundtables

Our last Roundtable in Post Falls again confirmed the fact that we are on the right track and that God wants us to integrate this concept into our KI world. Our next Roundtable will be on the East Coast in late May in the Philadelphia area - for more information, please check our website at www.studycenter.com and if you plan on attending, register there as well.

For the record, our Small Group Roundtables are for those who are either currently involved in a Small Group or those who want more information on the ''how tos''. Many use these Roundtables to connect with other Small Groups in their regions. Our goal is to have yearly Regional Roundtables with one annual one up here in Coeur dAlene. We are just getting started with the planning of our First Annual KI Convention - stay tuned!

THIRD – Small Groups Going Through KI Courses Together

We are excited to see Small Groups and midweek church groups using our KI course materials as curriculum for their meetings. Some have ''joined'' KI and have their own class on our KI website. This enables them to have the best of both worlds. They listen or watch a class lesson and discuss it during their Small Group time. From there they are given user names and passwords to do their assignments and quizzes online on their own! This concept is working, and if you would like to give it a go, then call us and we will get your group registered and set up online!

FOURTH – Israel

Israel continues to be a passion for those of us at KI. My wife and I had the privilege of spending a month in the Holy Land! One of our assignments was to put together a ''Second Timers Trip,'' which you can read about right here.

Needless to say, we are looking forward to having a KI presence in the Holy Land. From now on we will be planning to lead two trips per year and, as you make your way through our KI Handbook, you will see that some of our investitures will be taking place in Israel. As you continue in KI through our different Medallion levels, we will be creating incentives for you to join us in the Land. We are also working hard to create an opportunity for our KIers who desire to spend a sabbatical in Israel. Again - stay tuned!

FIFTH – New Courses and New Online Classes

We have added a new course to our KI Curriculum: the Book of Proverbs. Speaking from experience, this is a course that you will want to sign up for! The quality of this study has made it one of the Core courses that all KI students will be required to take.

By the time you receive this issue, we will have launched nine new online classes. We are planning to have all of our promotional materials ready for our major launch coming in September. We are also planning the production of a new class on Prayer - please keep this project in your prayers!

SIXTH – New Teaching Assistants

Starting this month we will be welcoming four new Teaching Assistants to our KI fold. These students are part of KIs ''firstfruits'' and have excelled in the courses they have taken to date. I am sure that they will be a blessing to those of you who are fortunate to have them assigned to your class. As KI continues to explode, we will need more and more TAs. If this is something that you would like to apply for, just give me a call (or better yet, email me here).

SEVENTH – Strategic Trends Term Paper Contest.

We have extended the deadline of our contest to May 30th. Remember, we are giving a $1000 cash prize for the best paper. Check out the details below:

For the best Position Paper on the Strategic Trend of your choice, the new deadline is May 30, 2006.

First Prize - $1000.00 in cash and nine units of scholarship credits for either KI or LBU; Two Runners-Up: Six units of scholarship credits for either KI or LBU. All acceptable entries will receive grades and transcript credit for Prophecy 501. (For a list of Strategic Trends, see our contest description at our website: www.studycenter.com.)

Papers will be judged by a special committee. Criteria of evaluation will include: the validity of the Biblical relevance; the depth of analysis; the soundness of the conclusions; the persuasiveness of the arguments; and, the thoroughness of supporting documentation. Papers should follow the Guidelines for Writing- LBU Masters Thesis Papers, and should be a minimum of ten pages in length.

Prerequisites for eligibility: You must be a registered KI student and are either enrolled in or completed BIB 101 -LTB 24 OT or PRO 101. All rights to term paper submissions belong to KI and may be published or included in a compendium. For more information, go to www.studycenter.com.


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