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Israel II – The Return

Our Next Israel Trip:

Director of Koinonia Institute

Past Tour Participants at Gideon SpringsI will try to contain my enthusiasm as I write this article, but be warned, it could get intense and I could start writing in bold or in ALL CAPS"but I will try to keep my focus. We are very very VERY EXCITED about our Israel II trip! And we would love to have you join us in what will be an adventure and, undoubtedly, an experience of a lifetime!

Let me give you a flavor of what this trip is all about. This trip will be for those who have a passion for Israel. It will be for those who like to get off the beaten track, for those who have seen the traditional sites and would like to visit places that most traditional groups dont get to.

It will be for those who dont mind getting a bit dirty, the types that dont want to see the waterfall from the bus as we pass by, but who want to hike to the falls and put their feet in the water. Its for those who want to go to Gideon Springs and kneel down and take a drink (will you lap like a dog or will you be one of Gideons warriors who are observant?).

Besides the sites and the experiences that await us on the Sea of Galilee or in the quietness of the Garden (maybe at nightfall), we also want to look at Israel though present-day lenses.Waterfall at Caesarea Philippi

We will be briefed by leaders of the Shin Bet, Mossad, and the Knesset! Can you imagine? We will hear from the leaders of the IDF about the present-day threats to the nation of Israel - from the Hezbollah to the North to the uprisings in Gaza in the South. We will see with our own eyes places where miracles past and present took place - where God fought for Israel - whether it is in the Valley of Elah where David met Goliath or in the Valley of Tears where God once again miraculously delivered Israel from staggering odds!

You will also meet both Christians and Jews who are in the trenches and are reaping the benefits of Genesis 12. We may visit a Christian ministry that provides baby clothes to Russian immigrants who have made aliyah and also sponsors Lone Soldiers. Or maybe you would be interested in seeing Hetzolah at work, a volunteer organization that saves lives by being ''first responders'' - those on the scene of any emergency within 72 seconds - who are made up of both the strictest of Orthodox to the everyday secular Jew. Or maybe you would be interested in seeing how Shurat HaDin is fighting terrorism in the courts and hear firsthand from their organization? Or how about a visit to the Knesset and a briefing from the Judeo Christian Alliance? Can you see why I am so pumped?Ibex at En Gedi

A few other tidbits... we have found that worship plays a key role in maximizing ones experience of The Land! We are excited to let you know that we have an anointed worship leader that will be with us, and each day we will have a time of worship at a site that will forever be a memory for you, whether it is singing one of the Psalms that David wrote at the falls of En Gedi, or blessing God in song on the Sea of Galilee (uh oh, the bold and caps are coming - Id better take a moment to calm down a bit!).

Finally, we have selected a few INCREDIBLE restaurants to give us a break from the great buffets at our hotels - I promise that youll love both the food and the ambiance. And, finally, the hotels that we will be staying in are all a cut above the norm! Youre going to love this trip!

Tanks at the Latrun Tank CenterNow for the downside: Due to the nature of this trip, we will have to limit the amount of people we can take - SPACE IS LIMITED! So please, if you are interested, do not delay - SIGN UP TODAY! Also, because of the sensitive nature being granted for various sites, advanced registration will be required and all applicants will be subject to the pre-approval of the sponsoring organization. NOW CAN YOU SEE WHY I AM SO EXCITED! This is going to be a great trip! (See here for details.)


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