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Calling All ... Who Are Hungry for the Word

Koinonia Institute Update:

Director of Koinonia Institute

How would you like to become part of our active and grow-ing Student Body here at KI? Take a moment and look at our new Campus Access Pass (CAP) and the recent expansion of Koinonia Institute.

Until the end of this year we are offering all of you the following as part of our CAP for just $15.00 per month (you can prepay for as many months as you like)! In January the price will be $25 per month, but take a close look at what you will receive for a cost that is less than most of your monthly cable bills!

  • Free tuition for all current online classes: We have classes launching on a monthly basis through the end of this year.

  • The Missler Report: A weekly online audio update for KI students. (Chuck and Dan will begin an open mike discussion that will eventually include answers to some of the questions our KI students may be having in their course studies.)

  • The Young Lions Club: A weekly devotional from Dan Stolebarger. We are currently going through the book of Psalms.

  • A KI Student ID Card: This will enable you to receive whatever student discounts are available in your local community.

  • KI National and Regional Conclaves: An open invitation to all insiders briefings and conferences.

  • Proprietary Archives: Currently, Wendy Wippels award winning KI White Paper article is available on our KI website at www.studycenter.com.

Coming Soon

  • Video Conferencing of KIs Areopagus Forum: Our vision here is to develop the ability to video conference some of our friends around the world discussing controversial or current world situations that have a prophetic relevance.

  • Access to our Issachar Surveillance Network: As KI grows and students move on to different levels, part of their assignments in our Issachar track will be for them to pick one of our Strategic Trends and track it by creating a blog that will have weekly entries. These blogs will become part of our Surveillance Network and will be available for all of those who have a CAP.

As you can see, KI is no longer just a place to take online classes. We are excited about all of our additions and would be thrilled to have you as an active member of our growing Student Body! Pray about jumping in with us and sign up for your CAP. To see our current online class offerings, just go to our website at www.studycenter.com.

We are CALLING OUT to all who are interested in knowing more about KI but thats not all! We are also SHOUTING OUT for those of you who would like to know more about becoming an Area Representative for KI. Curious? Read on!

Calling All Potential Area Representatives

As 2007 approaches we are currently working out a strategy to help KI grow and we would like to move into multiplication rather than simple addition. This is where YOU might be able to help.

Let me make this short and sweet"or better yet, let me throw some bait into the water and see if I can get any bites. The following is a work-in-progress document outlining what we currently see as our need for Area Reps. Please take a look. If this is something you might be interested in pursuing, then please e-mail me here.

Calling All Interested Parties in Dallas and Indianapolis

WOW! Before going to print, Ive already received two BIG bites. We have some folks in Dallas, TX, and Indianapolis, IN, who would like to plan a gathering (what we refer to as a Roundtable) in their geographic areas for those of you who would be interested in knowing more about KI.

If you live in the Dallas area and would be available in early December, then Dwight Bridges wants to hear from you.

If you live in the Indianapolis area, then Matthew Nolting and Patrick Poer want to discuss with you dates, times and places where we might host a Roundtable. Currently they are looking at a date in January. If you are interested, then please email me here and I will forward your name and email address on to our guys in your respective region.

Calling All Potential Teaching Assistants (TA)

The question that I am asked most frequently when it comes to KI is: What can I do to help? The answer I give is always the same and let me tell you why. I always say take a class and then become a TA. Our TAs are instrumental in the success and the overall health of our Student Body. Technology is amazing but, as humans, sometimes we need that human touch and our TAs are in place to provide that touch! The following are the requirements for our TAs"take a look and see if this is something you might want to do.

Responsibilities and Requirements

What KI will provide to Area Reps:

  • Starter kits: These will include aids to help sign up new students and Small Groups
  • Supply of KI Handbooks
  • Supply of Monthly Personal Updates
  • Supply of LTB 24 Ministry Editions
  • Free admission to KI Regional and National Conventions

The expectations of our KI Area Rep:

  • Must be in agreement with our Statement of Faith
  • Must be, at minimum, a Bronze Medallion holder
  • Must have the ability to host a Roundtable in ones geographic region
  • Will be our liaison in your area for Radio, Bookstore, Partner Churches & Small Groups
  • Will agree to help sign up new students
  • Will agree to work towards signing up Affiliated or Enrolled Small Groups

Remember THIS IS A WORK IN PROCESS – but if you are interested in knowing more about this new opportunity, then PLEASE let me know!

Responsibilities and Requirements

Guidelines for Teaching Assistants:

  1. Is in agreement with our Statement of Faith
  2. Is a Bronze Medallion holder or currently in the pursuit of one.
  3. Will respond to his/hers students through the message board
  4. Will read over all the discussions on the class bulletin board and answer whatever questions that arise on the Message Boards
  5. Be a Barnabas"a TA must major in ENCOURAGEMENT!
  6. The final GOAL for a TA is to get your students to the FINISH LINE!

Calling All ... Small Groups!

Koinonia Institute Small Group Ministry is now a REALITY! If for no other reason, come to KIs National Conclave (see page 9) to learn all about our new small group ministry! The workshop will include highlights on why every Christian should be in a small group; Christs small group ministry; and, how to begin and run your KI small group"from anywhere in the world! Below are a few sneak previews...

KIs vision is that eventually, in every country, in every city, in every language, everyday, a KI small group will be gathered together, studying the Bible, praying, and in fellowship as guided and inspired by the following scripture:

And they continued steadfastly in the apostles doctrine and fellowship, and in breaking of bread, and in prayers. - Acts 2:42

The mission of KI small groups is to equip all believers in the Word of God within a community of faith where members are committed to one another for learning, edification, and accountability.

Koinonia Institute believes the small group movement is part of a groundswell revival of the Holy Spirit and that the Church, which began in homes, will one day return to homes, worldwide. Because of this groundswell, Koinonia Institute intends to partner with churches, non-profit organizations, and individuals who want to equip themselves in the Word of God within a fellowship of believers. KI believes that the best place for real discipleship to take place is in a small group, which is why we have developed a worldwide small group network and support system.

We also want to be available to those groups who are not connected to a local church. We believe that these groups need to be connected for the sake of discipleship, fellowship, and accountability. In total, we offer three types of groups:

Enrolled Small Groups

Affiliated Study Groups which choose to enroll its members to undertake a course together can have their Group Leader act as their Teaching Assistant and benefit from the face-to-face interactions not available to the typical online student. For the benefits of participation in an Enrolled Study Group, contact the Small Group Coordinator at www.KIsmallgroups.com for details and procedures. Enrolled groups are preferred.

Affiliated Small Groups:

Those study groups which find our Statement of Faith acceptable, and choose to affiliate with the Institute, will be afforded an informative listing on our website and other preferential benefits which will be announced from time to time. (It will be the responsibility of the Group Facilitator to maintain communication with the Institute and to keep the web listing up to date on the location, the Scriptures currently being studied, the provision, if any, of child care, and other contact information.)

Unaffiliated Study Groups:

The Institute welcomes any and all small study groups who endeavor to take the Bible seriously. It has no denominational or doctrinal boundaries or requirements. It does, however, offer several categories of preferential relationship with the Institute, which include special benefits, only if groups choose to affiliate.

KI offers a full support network as well as cutting-edge materials and a desire to be in your Bible community! Our materials are from the K-House and KI curriculum and can easily be adapted for small group study. Interested? Come up to our 1st Annual National Conclave in November (see here) and learn all about it at our small group launch!


What an exciting time to be alive and to serve Jesus! Much like what Mordecai said to Esther, we here at KI truly believe that God has called us into existence for such a time as this! We would be honored to have you consider becoming a member of our Student Body and a part of our TEAM!


PLEASE NOTE: Unless otherwise expressly stated, pricing and offers mentioned in these articles are only valid for up to 30 days from initial publication date and may be subject to change.