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''This Year in Jerusalem''

Israel 2007:

Director of Koinonia Institute

When I am asked about the life-changing experiences in my life, I always give the same answers. No doubt my life changed dramatically when I married my best friend, Sharon, and then again at the birth of my three sons. These events definitely reshaped my life in terms of priorities and responsibilities! But when it comes to my study of Gods Word and my worldview, nothing has impacted me more than my time spent in Israel!

Being a scratch-and-sniff type of learner as well as committed to the visual, I cannot find the words to describe to you what it was like to see Jerusalem for the first time! Tears still well up when we come around that bend at Mount Scopus and there it is"The City of Gold! Just to run my hands along the Wall or to dip my feet into the Galilee"like I said, words can never explain the experience!

My question for you is: Is this your time? Chuck and I are extending an invitation to you to join us in Israel this year! We will be visiting the Land twice this year; the first will be April 18-28th. This trip also has a pre-trip to Rome"another must see destination! You can contact TMI Tours for full details on this tour here or call 800-975-7775.

For those of you who have already been to Israel, we have a different kind of experience for you that will be from October 8-19th. This is our Insiders tour for those who want to go deeper into the land, learning and experiencing the threats Israel faces today. This tour is being handled in-house and you can contact Sharon here for further information.

Do not delay! If you have never been to Israel, you have to ask yourself Is this the year? I know it may sound like hype, but I promise you"your life will change when you visit The Land! It is decision time for those who are interested in our Spring trip as the date is fast approaching. And just a reminder for our KI students "our Israel trips carry course credits.


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