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through the lens of Scripture”

Its NOW Time!

Back to School with KI:

Director of Koinonia Institute

Have you noticed that we are now being deluged with massive ad campaigns to what is becoming the second greatest shopping season next to Christmas? Yes, folks … it’s BACK TO SCHOOL time and our mailboxes and newspapers are being stuffed like a fat gobbler for Thanksgiving!

Since this fever is currently in the air, I want to throw a lasso around it and challenge you to go “back to school”!

Koinonia Institute is waiting for your application! KI now has over twenty online classes available, and we are well on our way in establishing our Issachar Think Tank.

Besides our growing curriculum and our Think Tank, let me take you for a walk around our cyber-campus.

Did you know that each week you can visit the Speakers Hall and tune into a session of Question and Answers, where Chuck spends about a half hour each week answering questions that are sent in by our student body? Or, if you would like, you can tune into Dan Stolebarger’s weekly devotional, entitled Young Lion’s Club, that is given on Monday mornings to our beloved K-House volunteers. Currently Dan is making his way through the Book of Jeremiah.

Or maybe you would like to visit our new Coffee Shop, where you can mingle with other students (by the way, did you know that we now are in over sixteen different countries?). So, get ready for a real international flavor when coming into the Coffee Shop!

Here you will able to take your pick as to what discussion group you would like to join. You can discuss everything from politics to Scripture…my personal favorite place in the Coffee Shop is the Prayer Room. This is a must stop! Here you can list your prayer requests as well as be an intercessor for fellow students-this is truly where the action is!


The last stop on our campus tour is at our new Library, which is being built as I type. We are just starting the process of filling our cyber-shelves with all sorts of great materials! ALL of this is waiting for you! Classes, fellowship and research materials are now at your disposal!

Besides all of this, we are creating some student-only opportunities. The first one of these will be an Insider’s Briefing with Jerome Corsi, author of the highly acclaimed book, The Late Great U.S.A, on the night before our 2nd Annual Strategic Perspectives Conference that Koinonia Institute will host this November. Being a student of KI will also give you a discount to our Conference.

So, what are you waiting for? As the title says, “It’s NOW time!” Just go to our website at www.studycenter.com and join the Fellowship!

For those of you who are new to computers and are a bit cyber-challenged, we have a NEW product just for you! The Director of our IT Department, Mark Gustafson, has just finished a CD entitled, “How to Use the Internet.” We know this will be a very helpful tool, especially for those who are somewhat intimidated by technology.

When you sign up, make sure you inquire about the different specials and discounts that are available. We have a great “package deal” for those who want to commit to a Bronze Medallion, as well as discounts for Small Groups and family members.

KI-it’s a great place to belong!


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