“Bringing the world into focus
through the lens of Scripture”

Schmoozing with Terrorists

Book Review:

Let me whet your appetite with the following comments from the back page of the book, Schmoozing with Terrorists, by Aaron Klein:

I hope Klein’s book will be fair in the way it represents the resistance, but if it isn’t, we will not mourn for this Jew. It would be one more proof that American writers, American journalists and the American media are controlled by the Zionists.

—Muhammad Abdel-Al, spokesperson and senior leader, Popular Resistance Committees terror group

Klein is the most talented, accurate reporter in the Middle East today. He has better access to the terrorist bad guys than Muhammad would if he came back from the dead.

—G Gordon Libby, radio host, author

I appreciate the guts and courage Klein had when he came to meet us in spite of all the risks. He put his life in danger when he came here. I hope the book will help Americans to see the truth.

—Ala Senakreh, West Bank chief of the Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigades terror group

Most network, cable and print correspondents talk about the Middle East, Aaron Klein lives it. More importantly Aaron knows the decision makers on both sides in the War on Terror. Aaron tells my listeners today what the mainstream media re-port weeks later. He is the Middle East insider you need to know.

—Michael Reagan, radio talk show host, commentator and columnist And now here is my favorite one!

Klein was rude. Some of his questions were offensive.

—Jihad Jaara, infamous terror director of the 2002 siege of Bethlehem’s Church of the Nativity

With praise like this, how can you not want to get this book? We are blessed to be able to have Aaron Klein as one of our speakers this October as part of Koinonia Institute’s Issachar Tour in Israel.

The one thing I have learned that is so hard to get across to non-Muslims is the stark opposites between Judeo-Christian values and those of Islam. Whereas one is a religion and philosophy of Life, the other is 180-degrees opposite and promotes a culture of Death.

The truth of the matter is that we don’t think the same way and our values are at opposite ends of the spectrum. The real problem emerges when “westerners” think that they can reason and actually work together for the cause of peace. Nothing could be further from the truth, and Klein’s interviews in Schmoozing With Terrorists should drive this point home for the reader.

Let me try to paint one last picture before I move on. Take a moment and think about opposites, for example, Day and Night, Up and Down or a concept like Today versus Tomorrow. If Up means Down to a Muslim (even though a Judeo-Christian mindset may know that is not true), imagine how difficult it would be to hold a rational conversation, always having to remember that for the other side, the opposite of the dialogue is true.

Truly this is a “crazy-maker”! How often do we hear about Islamic leaders saying one thing to the “press” in English and the complete opposite to their supporters in Arabic, even admitting that they are lying? We must understand that concepts such as lying, killing, and breaking treaties are all acceptable in the Muslim world as long as they further the cause of Islam.

Do we really think that we can rationally resolve our differences and somehow negotiate the issues? In my opinion, Klein’s book puts the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob in one corner and the God of Islam, Allah, in the other corner and paints the picture that there is no middle ground.

The sooner we come to this realization the better, because there is no negotiating a peace plan when your enemy has the Koran, a warrior’s code, as their “holy book”! Always remember that it is not the land that Israel has that’s the problem; it is the existence of Israel that is the problem. Please let that sink in! Now back to the back flap of the book:

In a time of unprecedented danger for the West, it’s crucial that Americans understand the true nature of the adversaries we face and how we are making them bolder day by day. Join Aaron Klein, award-winning journalist and radio commentator, as he schmoozes and kvetches with radical clerics, suicide bombers, the parents of potential child “martyrs” and the leaders of the world’s most dangerous terrorist organizations. Here is the real story behind today’s war headlines, told from the unique perspective of a Jew meeting and eating with his deadliest enemies.

If you need one more push to go out and buy this book, let me give you the following highlights!

• Which anti-war politicians and celebrities meddling in Middle East politics are jihadist favorites?

• What compels terrorists to blow themselves up in order to kill others?

• What would day-to-day life be like in America if the terrorists win? (Madonna and Britney Spears, take note!)

Some notable chapter titles:

• Bible Used as Toilet Paper

• No Jews is Good News

• How YOU Fund Terrorism

• Hi, My name is Ahmed, and I Want to Be a Suicide Bomber

• Terror Grinches Steal Bethlehem Christmas

• Another 9/11 on Its Way

With all that is facing us today, I found Schmoozing With Terrorists a “must read” in order to gain a valuable perspective. Make sure you pick up a copy and give it a read!


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