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through the lens of Scripture”

First Fruits: IDB Bullets

Issachar Database Update:

The Issachar Database (IDB) is now in GO mode and we are beginning the process of filling up this amazing resource. One of the primary staples for Member consumption will be that of the Bullet Briefings, prepared by Members in the Issachar Track classrooms.

Prior to the 3rd Annual Koinonia Institute Strategic Perspective Conference, we held a contest among our new Issachar Teaching Assistants.

The following are the titles of the submitted Bullet Briefings:

1. Kings of the East: An Alternate View

2. Babylon Rising

3. Moderate Arab Bloc: A Friendly Foe

4. Wake Up West!

5. 72-Hour Pack

6. Bioterrorism: Is Anthrax Still the Most Popular Agent?

7. The Plight of the Honeybee

8. Iran and the Nuke

10. Magog Ascending

After these were submitted, the class evaluated each others’ Briefings using the Q.A.R.P matrix, built specifically for use in the Issachar classrooms.

What is Q.A.R.P.? The following provides the details of the evaluation criteria.


Qualification of data (25% - 1 to 25 points): The reviewer will rate the presentation to determine if:

• Resources are valid.

• Resources are applicable to the topic selected.


Analysis of source data (25% - 1 to 25 points): The reviewer will rate the presentation with a critical eye for the:

• Logical and sound analysis of source data. Effective re-search requires the evaluation and assessment of data that is subject to bias, misinformation, and deliberate disinformation from sources with both open and covert agendas of their own. Ensure the presentation does not fall into this trap.

• Potential to confirm the analysis with other sources.

• Consideration of alternative viewpoints.


Relevance (25% - 1 to 25 points): The reviewer will rate the presentation topic to determine how it conveys a clear under-standing of the relevance of the presentation to one or more of the following categories:

• Biblical – relates to appropriate Scriptural basis.

• Strategic – relates to the Issachar theme showing an understanding of the times in which we live.

• Stewardship – relates to the impact of personal steward-ship.


Persuasiveness (25% - 1 to 25 points): The reviewer will rate the presentation to determine that the conclusion is:

• Valid with the source data presented.

• Valid with the logical arguments presented.

• Effectively communicated and presented.

These “Bullets” are the work products of the Issachar 610 and above Classrooms. We believe that these Bullet Briefings on the trends that confront us today will be a valuable asset, not only to our Members but to pastoral staffs as they prepare to “give to each man an answer.”

In a day and time where we have such a managed media and a glut of information, can you imagine how refreshing and relevant it would be to have information based on and coming from a Biblical orientation? We truly are on the threshold of seeing our dream of a Christian Think Tank materialize.

The Issachar Database is available for viewing for all KI Bronze Medallion holders and above.

Members completing the introductory courses (I-602: Introduction to Multimedia Presentations and I-603: Introduction to the Issachar Database) will be qualified to enter material into the database to share with other members and progress to “Presentation Building” in their particular areas of interest in the I-610 and beyond courses.

These initial Bullet Briefings from the contest are now in the IDB—with their respective grading—for your review.

We look forward to seeing you in the Issachar Classrooms and the Issachar Database!


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