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Koinonia Institute’s 2013 Israel Program

Koinonia Institute

We know that a trip to Israel changes lives and we truly believe we now have something for everybody, so pray about joining us on one of these tours in 2013.

It has been a privilege at Koinonia Institute to see lives radically changed by visiting The Land. Our desire is to always look with fresh eyes at our program, always striving to make the tours not only better, but unique. We are excited about the program we are offering for Israel 2013.

Talmidim Expedition: Feb. 2–18, 2013 (In Israel dates)
Wilderness Experience: Feb. 18–26, 2013 (In Israel dates)

These are two new tours intended for those who want an extended stay in Israel along with a true feeling for living in The Land. Participants can choose to do one or the other, or both. Incorporated in this adventure will be a School of Discipleship, where we delve into the Word of God, as well as hands-on work projects in both the Galilee and Jerusalem. Visiting the sites at a more-relaxed pace will definitely enhance one’s experience in Israel.

Our Talmidim Expedition takes place in the Galilee and Jerusalem. While in the Galilee, those choosing to do so will hike the Jesus Trail. These travelers will experience a 3 1/2 day hike that begins at Nazareth and ends in Capernaum—about 45 miles in all. We will have overnight accommodations at Beit Bracha during our entire time in the Galilee, including during the hike. Those opting out will be able to relax at Beit Bracha, a Prayer Retreat Center overlooking the Sea of Galilee, or perhaps explore the city of Tiberias. We will be in the Galilee for a total of 10 days and will spend time at Tabgha, Capernaum, Mt. Beatitudes, Gamla, Caesarea Philippi, Tel Dan, Mt. Bental and the Golan Heights. In addition to touring, we will also be rolling up our sleeves and doing a G12 (Genesis 12) Work Project…blessing those in Israel.

From the Galilee we will make our way up to Jerusalem for seven days. Besides walking the sites, we want to experience living in Jerusalem. We will shop in the open-air markets, have amazing coffee in local establishments and simply immerse ourselves in David’s Capitol! Other sites we will tour include: City of David, Rabbinical Tunnels, Herodian, Mount of Olives, the Garden of Gethsemane, the Old City, and the Garden Tomb. We also will undertake another G12 Work Project.

These two locations make up the Talmidim portion of our expedition. Much attention will be given to the Scriptures as we work, worship and study our way through the Land.

The second part of this expedition is our Wilderness Experience. We will be spending six days hiking through the Judean Desert, the Wildernesses of Zin and Paran, and the Negev, eventually making our way down to Eilat. The camping portion of this tour is by no means “roughing it,” as we will have our camp set up for us nightly and all meals provided! We will spend two nights camping, one night at a hotel, another two nights camping, and then two nights at a luxury hotel in Eilat, located on the shores of the Red Sea. This portion again will be given to prayer and study as we experience the spirituality of the desert.

Those participating in the Wilderness portion must be able to hike/walk up to 10 miles per day. This tour will be limited in number so if you are interested, please contact Sharon Stolebarger (sharon@khouse.org) right away.

Jesus Trail: April 29–May 5 (In Israel Dates)

In 2012, a group of rag-tag JT’ers (as we became known) headed out on our first Jesus Trail Tour. To say that it was a resounding success does not even come close to what was experienced on this amazing adventure. The 2013 Jesus Trail will be six nights and backs up to our Berean Tour (see below). We will hike from Nazareth to Capernaum in four days. Participants must be able to hike 12–15 miles per day with a backpack. Overnights are spent in accommodations—not on the trail! We will start the tour in Tel Aviv, on the Mediterranean Sea. Our hike will incorporate time in Nazareth, Zippori, ascending the Horns Of Hattim, majestic views from below Mt. Arbel, a waterfall at Tabgha, and ending at the gates of Capernaum. Participants will get a first-hand experience of the walk Jesus would have taken and will gain a profound sense of belonging in The Land.

Berean Tour: May 5–13 (In Israel Dates)

The Berean Tour is our traditional tour to Israel. It is on the Berean Tour where people often get “the bug”—a passion for Israel. We spend one night in Tel Aviv, three nights in the Galilee, one night at the Dead Sea, and three nights in Jerusalem. The sites are too numerous to mention…a plentiful buffet of where Jesus walked, talked, taught, prayed, died, and returned.

Israel 2 – Returning To The Land: May 13–22 (In Israel Dates)

We are excited about this brand-new tour, as it is geared towards all of you who have been to the Land at least one time before … or for someone who is looking for an experience not offered elsewhere. We will explore the present borders of the State of Israel, from Lebanon and Syria in the north to Egypt and Saudi Arabia in the south, Jordan in the east to Gaza and the Mediterranean in the west, with special prayer times on each border for the peace and security of Israel. We also will visit the Biblical borders of Israel, from Dan to Beer Sheva—again, praying on all the borders. (Note: We will not be crossing over any borders.)

One cannot experience all there is to see in Israel on just one tour so we are excited to offer a return visit and adding some incredible sites that are impossible to squeeze into a first-timer’s Pilgrimage to the Holy Land. Our sites include: Tel Dan, Mt. Carmel, Zippori, Corazim, Bethsaida, Gamla, Mt. Hermon, Mt. Arbel, Gideon Springs, Rabbinical Tunnels, Burnt House, Herodian, Beit Guvrin, Uvrin, Maresha, Valley of Elah, Eilat, Beersheva, Negev Desert, Ramon Crater, Avdat, Ein Avdat, Wilderness of Zin, Ben Gurion Grave Site and Sderot. We also are planning some optional excursions such as rafting on the Jordan River and a lunchtime barbecue cruise with snorkeling on the Red Sea. 

Issachar Tour: October 28–November 6, 2013 (In Israel Dates)

The Israel of the Bible – The Israel of Today. That is what you will experience on our Issachar Tour. This not only allows our travelers to visit all of the major Biblical sites, but also to gain a unique strategic perspective as to what is really going on in Israel—not what you see on the six o’clock news!

We are excited about these new additions to our Israel program. If you are interested in receiving details and are not currently on the Israel Tour Update list, please email sharon@khouse.org to be added to this list.

We know that a trip to Israel changes lives and we truly believe we now have something for everybody, so pray about joining us on one of these tours in 2013.


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