“Bringing the world into focus
through the lens of Scripture”

Update on New Zealand

Ministry at the River Lodge

We have been gradually transitioning from secular commercial conferences (and weddings) to more focused commitments consistent with our mission of “equipping the saints for the work of the ministry.”

he River Lodge property is surrounded on three sides by the Waikato River and features its own airstrip. It was purchased several years ago with the goal of establishing an “International Study Center” and a base for our operations in the South Pacific. We have been gradually transitioning from secular commercial conferences (and weddings) to more focused commitments consistent with our mission of “equipping the saints for the work of the ministry.”1

Through our wholly-owned subsidiary, Lyonshead Media, we transferred our technical team from Portsmouth U.K. to handle our advanced media developments. We have established a direct “Level 2” access to the Internet2 for high-definition video broadcasts worldwide. This has allowed us to grow into a major international “hub” with direct access to Asia and associated environs.

Weekend Study Retreats

Through intensive “Weekend Study Retreats,” we have developed a unique format that proves to be remarkably effective: “40 people spending 40 hours for a 20/20 insight” on a specific topic. We have had intensive study retreats featuring: the Kingdom Power and Glory; Agape Weekend; Angels (and other Denizens of the Metacosm); Astrobiology; the Boundaries of Reality; the Beginning of Wisdom; et al. (These are now all also available as DVDs.)

Fireside Chats

Another remarkable discovery has been the popularity of our televised “Fireside Chats”—with open questions and answers. The wide and enthusiastic response from participants in dozens of countries, sending in their questions by email and our responding on camera, has been surprisingly popular. We plan to further exploit this format at regular intervals in the future.

Website Development

Central to our activities in this hemisphere has been our website development: www.KITrust.org. This site is for video “streaming” only (downloads continue to be available at www.khouse.org). There are three distinct services:

  1. Free—without charge:
    • Monday night “Briefing Room” series of expositional commentaries;
    • Fireside “Q & A’s”;
    • Introductory chapters to selected commentaries and briefing packs;
    • Personal updates and commentary
  2. Subscription: Over 500 hours of Video-On-Demand, and growing…
  3. Special purchase: Video conferencing of live Special Events

Resident Student Programs

Perhaps our most exciting developments are the Resident Student Programs. We are offering one, three, six, and 12-month programs, specially tailored to the individual, and which can include a wide assortment of credentialed vocational training. Some are seeking immersion programs, others more casual respites, coupled with “discover New Zealand” weekend day trips, etc. (Costs are about NZ$1000/month, plus meal vouchers, and day trip extras.) We are currently processing applications from individuals, families, and people preparing for their individual ministries. Contact Ron Matsen for more information at ron@khouse.org. Also in the planning stages are RV and camping sites to supplement all the above.

God-TV Programs

We have enjoyed a very special relationship with God-TV, broadcasting the highlights of conferences, etc. They also now feature our own scheduled weekly program, “The Briefing Room,” on Fridays (you will need to check your local listings for the time in our area. This is now truly worldwide.)

Product Publications

(Some of our product schedules have suffered delays due to my voice impairment from colds, over-straining, et al.) Our verse-by-verse commentary on Isaiah will be available in our Christmas catalog. Chapter 53 of Isaiah was published last month as a special briefing package: The Fulcrum of the Universe, which may include some surprises for many, and our newest release is The Beginning of Wisdom (coming soon to the K-House Online Store).

With an active conference schedule involving many topical issues, we anticipate a pickup on many new titles—including some from international visitors. We have also been invited to participate in developing Biblical curricula for schools in both New Zealand and the Philippines.

Special Events Scheduled

  • International visitors: Roger Oakland was here 1-13 August 2013 and others have yet to be confirmed. We are encouraging other celebrity visits to “discover New Zealand,” to heal impending “burn-outs,” or to simply mingle with the serious students in residence.
  • Our second annual Christmas Festival, slated this year for 20-22 Dec 2013, are three days of vendor booths, children’s rides, helicopter and balloon rides, drawings for children’s prizes, on-stage choral groups, etc.
  • Waikato Hot-Air Balloon Festival scheduled 18 − 19 January 2014, with their spectacular “Night Glow”: imagine several dozen balloons tethered over the premises at night…

Our Prayer List (Personal and Project-Related)

  • Nancy’s completion of her cancer treatments;
  • Geothermal power and heat (we are in a favored area);
  • Airstrip certified (clearing a few trees on our runway extension);
  • Investors to replace bank debt and facility extensions;
  • KI Distribution: Europe (Portsmouth), Asia (Manila), and South Africa (Johannesburg).


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