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My Dad


My dad taught me that life is an adventure. Dad opened the world to me through traveling or family ski trips. He was very adventurous… had his pilot’s license, scuba certified, skier, … Who moves to the other side of the world in their 70s? He loved jokes, pranks and treasure hunts: following various clues or maps to hidden destinations with a surprise treasure at the end of the journey. One Christmas, I had to find a bottle with a secret message buried on the beach at the Balboa Bay Club. Another year, my brother, Chip, had to go to the front desk of a fancy hotel and ask for an envelope for Gandalf (all the while my dad was giggling at our expressions).

Spiritually, these treasure hunts continued in his Bible studies. I thank him for instilling in me the unequivocal fact that the Bible is the inerrant, Divinely inspired Word of God.

Chuck and Lisa
Chuck and Lisa

In his office he has a wall that has all his awards and business achievements, he labeled that wall “Wood, Hay, Stubble” as they all mean nothing in eternity. Now, his other wall is labeled “Gold, Jewels, Precious Stones” and that wall displays all his Bible projects, books and discoveries. The fruit of those pursuits are what he is enjoying NOW. Think about the precious stones that are being illuminated to him with facets of light that we can’t even imagine!

His death is not the end of his grand adventure, but just the beginning of his discovery of the infinite nature of God.

He now knows exactly how old the earth is, and if there was a gap between Genesis 1:1 and 2.

He is no longer counting down to eternity, but is in his completed destiny.

He is no longer subject to the boundaries of reality: no longer bound by mass, acceleration and gravity… He is independent of the limitations of our 3 dimensional reality. He now knows exactly how many dimensions Mr. & Mrs. Flat are missing. Last I heard, he was thinking that there are 11 dimensions: 9 spatial and 2 time, or possibly Hilbert space — a hyperspace of infinite dimensions. Can you imagine his face as he discovers the answers to these questions?

He can see the Seraphim and Cherubim! He now knows exactly where the Nephilim came from. He has a front row seat to the future events that he studied so seriously. He will get to see eschatology play out like watching a movie, as he is now outside of time!

He would say that his hardware is now obsolete, but his software has moved on to a newer, more perfect and indestructible state.

He had faith in the unseen and now can see it! He completely understands the depth and repercussions of quantum physics; he can see how particles behave when unobserved… I am sure all sorts of hidden codes, scientific mysteries, foreshadows, symbolisms, parallels, and prophecies are being revealed to him…. He is now a little kid on the ultimate treasure hunt! Can you imagine what he is discovering as he digs up a bottle on a beach or asks for an envelope from the front desk?

He is with our High Priest, our Mediator, Our Messiah, the One and only one who has redeemed him: Jesus Christ by whose blood all of his sins have been washed away and he has been reunited with Him in Heaven.

If you want to honor my dad, he would tell you to take the Bible seriously. To check Acts 17:11 and make your priorities things not of this world, but of eternal value, learn your Bible and be in relationship with your Creator… store your treasure in Heaven, where neither moth nor rust destroy. Live out your life as a grand adventure with Jesus Christ!

In God’s Love & Peace,
Lisa (Missler) Bright


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