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Future Projects

The Legacy Project

Koinonia House’s ministry has many opportunities for significant impact on the world through Bible study materials for the deep and serious student of the Word of God.

Ron Matsen, our ministry leader, gave me a list of projects that are at various stages of completion which will further enhance the ministry. I was so excited after learning what is ahead that I had to put down my laptop and go tell my family!

Missler Ministry Legacy Version

This will include remastering many of Chuck’s video recordings to a higher video standard and upgrading the PowerPoint slides. The team will also transcribe all of Chuck’s teachings to produce video subtitles and, I find this incredible, a word-searchable database. The database will include Chuck’s studies, word-by-word, put into text, arranged by stanzas, line numbers and time stamps and linked with the parent video/audio source for easy reference. This project won’t be for just one book but book-by-book for all 66 commentaries of the entire Bible. The commentaries will be based on Chuck’s latest notes and references. Currently these are being complied into Handbooks which will be available as hardcopy and PDF downloads.

The commentaries won’t be the only tool, we are also producing mini-books of Chuck’s topical teaching series and making them available as paperback books, Kindle, PDF download, and Audio books!

Missler Library

Chuck was an incredible reader and resource collector. We have the privilege to preserve the vast collection of books and memorabilia he collected over the years and display them at our New Zealand location for public viewing. More information forthcoming on this library project. This will definitely be worth a visit to New Zealand for a vacation!

Expansion of Koinonia Institute

Koinonia Institute is dedicated to training and equipping the serious Christian to sojourn in today’s world and to be more effective. We are dedicated to providing more people the opportunity to study using the materials associated with Koinonia House. In doing so we are preparing to provide a free entry-level life-time KI membership and expand opportunities to advanced KI Members as well.

Part of the future Koinonia Institute is a robust feature called the Repository of Biblical Knowledge. This allows each KI Member to create their own permanent storage (repository) of their personal notes and references that relate to their personal journey through the Bible. It will be a Cloud-based resource that can be available on any computer or mobile device where KI members can share information with their own personally approved sub-groups or individual people, share their information through their own Social Media outlets, share their information with other KI approved groups and most importantly they can share their information that may be otherwise be controlled or censored by the global mass media police.

If the member so desires, they will also be able to create and maintain a blog within the safety of the KI member environment and include links to the Missler Ministry video/audio library with their personal notes or references.

What an amazing series of tools being created! We are living in a time where biblical illiteracy is at an all-time high. Even among Christians who attend church regularly they don’t really know their Bible. According to Barna research less than 20% of professing Christians read their Bible regularly.1

In my own personal experience traveling around the country teaching the Bible and finance, I am frequently surprised by the lack of biblical knowledge. But not to be dismayed, there is a desire to learn the will of God and that’s why I think the opportunities are so substantial for our ministry. The Holy Spirit creates the appetite and we get to partner supplying study opportunities.

We could use your investment on these projects. Chuck taught me a giving philosophy as an investment manager many years ago that has shaped the way I view ministry giving.

Chuck said,

In my personal experience I don’t give according to need because there are more needs around that I can possibly deal with so the fact that there is a need of some kind is it my primary interest. There are more needs then I can address but what I want to know is if the Lord in the action. Is there evidence that the Lord wants this to happen? I want proof that God is in the action. Why do I say that? Because I’m used to being a portfolio manager. The way that works is if you are a portfolio manager you want to look back and see the results of the investment you have made. You want to show your Stewardship that you invested in the right things. I am convinced that God doesn’t need my money but I do want to invest in the things that he is actively working in. If God is in it, it will be blessed. I want to be able to say “wow look what happened there I was a part of that.” My portfolio of giving is actually more important than my portfolio of assets. so I don’t give based on how badly the ministry needs the money but on how much impact the ministry will have with the giving investment. By the way, there are many things out there that I am not convinced that God is actually in across the ministry world, I think there are ministries he would shut down if the supporters allowed him to do it.

We as a team stake our lives to build up individuals in the Body of Christ to fulfill the call on their life that Jesus gave them before the beginning of time.

Please prayerfully consider investing in the Kingdom through the work of the Koinonia Ministry for the expansion of passion to study the Bible. Support the ongoing work of Koinonia House at resources.khouse.org/donate

Gunnar Johnson
Koinonia House
Legacy Project

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