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Frequently Asked Questions

Due to the extremely high volume of email we receive daily, we respectfully request that you attempt to find the answer to your question in this Frequently Asked Questions section before sending an email to K-House. These categories will help narrow down your search.

General Questions

A variety of commonly asked questions regarding the Koinonia House website and materials.


Questions regarding the weekly Koinonia House electronic newsletter.

Online Store

General questions regarding the use of our online store.

M4A Slideshows

Help with M4A Download products and M4A on CD-ROM.


Questions on the nature and use of Koinonia house Audio CDs and MP3 CD-ROMs.

MP3 Downloads and Podcasts

Help with MP3 Download products and podcasts only. For help with the MP3 CD-ROM products, please see the MP3 CD-ROM FAQ. This help is also useful for the 66/40 Podcast.


Questions that deal with the interpretation of Biblical passages and the positions that Koinonia House takes on theological matters.