A three-act play: By Nancy Frye 

This play was written as a puppet show to be performed by grade-school age children, but it could also be performed as a short play. Any appropriate dolls or puppets can be dressed or decorated to represent the characters in a puppet show. For the inaugural performance of this particular piece, printed images of historically garbed figures were glued to foam core backing and mounted on paint-stir sticks.

Personae dramatis:
  • King Saul
  • Abner, Commander of Saul's army
  • Servant of Saul
  • Soldier 1
  • Soldier 2
  • Akasha, a Medium
  • Samuel

Scene 1
(army camp)

Soldier 1:I'm hungry. 
Soldier 2:We're all hungry, that's life in the army. 
Soldier 1:I'm worried, too. The Philistines have the advantage, what is King Saul going to do tomorrow? 
Soldier 2:Nobody knows what tomorrow may bring...especially since Saul outlawed all the soothsayers! 
Soldier 1:Maybe we could cast lots or find some tarot cards or... 
Soldier 2:(cutting him off) Shhhh! You want to get US killed?! The King outlawed ALL divination!! 
Soldier 1:Oh, yeah... 
Soldier 2:Well, let's get some sleep...They walk off.

Scene 2
(King Saul's command tent)

Abner:...and so you see, the Philistines have us at their mercy. I hate to say it but I fear tomorrow will be a disaster! I beg forgiveness. 
Saul:It's not your fault, Abner. A king couldn't ask for a better Captain. 
Abner:Thank you, sire. 
Saul:It's just that...God is still withholding favor from me! 
Abner:But you've followed the Law to the letter! 
Saul:It must be something else, but what?! If only Samuel were still alive. His death was the last straw! At this point I'd almost be tempted to visit a medium myself, just to speak to him again! (sighs deeply) 
Abner:Well, will there be anything else? 
Saul:No, thanks Abner. Get some sleep. 
Abner:Until tomorrow.Bows, leaves.
Servant:May I speak, sire?Entering from the shadows.
Saul:  Yes, but no bad news, please. 
Servant:Would you really speak to Samuel if you could? 
Saul:Of course! He was the mouthpiece of God! 
Servant:If this is the true wish of your heart, then I think I can help you. Let me tell you a little secret...They come together, whispering.

Scene 3

  • (Endor, Saul is disguised)

    Servant:Ah, this is the place. Akasha! Wake up, I've brought you some business! 
    Akasha:(Off stage,sleepily) Who is it? 
    Servant:It's your friend from court. The one who tipped you off when King Saul was arresting all of the spiritualists. 
    Akasha:(OS) Well, I guess I owe you a favor... (entering) Who is that with you?. . .enters
    Saul:I am just a seeker of truth, like yourself. I need the advice of a wise man who has passed...er...to the next...uh...astral plane. 
    Akasha:(suspicious) What do you think I can do for you? You must know that the King has outlawed all of the mediums and spiritists. Is this some kind of trap? 
    Servant:No, Akasha! He's serious! 
    Saul:Listen, I vow to you that, as the Lord lives, you will not be punished for helping me! 
    Akasha:Well, all right then. Whom shall I conjure up for you? 
    Saul:Samuel. I need to talk to Samuel! 
    Akasha:Hm...very well... (then)She begins swaying and moaning, going into her "trance". Suddenly there is a light and a figure appears upstage from out of the shadows.
    Akasha:Aaaaaagh!This is not her "spirit guide"!
    Akasha:What's going on?! You DID trick me! You're King Saul! 
    Samuel:Why have you disturbed me, Saul? 
    Saul:Help me, Samuel! The Philistines are waging war against me. God has abandoned me and won't help me through prophets or dreams...you are my last hope! Tell me what to do!Bowing to Samuel
    Samuel:Why are you asking me? If the Lord has become your enemy, what have I to say to you? He has taken your Kingdom from you and given it to David because you did not obey His orders. In addition, he will give you and Israel to the Philistines tomorrow. 
    Samuel:Saul, tomorrow you...and your sons...will be with me! 
    Saul:...but I've followed the Laws, I banned witchcraft, I... 
    Samuel:You can perform as many pious acts as you like, Saul, but you've missed the point entirely. Your separation from God came when you denied His command to destroy the Amalekites and started following your own wishes and schemes. 
    Samuel:You have had plenty of time to come humbly to the Lord for aid, but you've turned again and again to yourself and the world for answers. And now, you have violated your own decree! Your enemies will become your executioners... 
    Saul:The Philistines! 
    Samuel:Yes, Saul. See you soon...