Since He Wrote about Me

William P. Welty, Ph.D.
Published by
Koinonia House

Christians have claimed for centuries that the collection of 66 books we call The Bible is reliable with respect to what it affirms, correct in its history of God’s dealings with his universe and with humanity, historically accurate regarding its doctrinal teachings, and an utterly trustworthy guide for day-to-day life.

But frankly, every generation has had its share of doubters. Maybe you’re one of them…

Today, ISV Foundation Executive Director Dr. "William P. Welty, Ph.D." tackles the thorny subject of the reliability of the Scriptures– by inviting Jesus of Nazareth himself to talk in his very own words about the authenticity, reliability, and historical accuracy of the Bible that he read and about which he taught.

By the time you’ve finished reading Since He Wrote about Me, you’ll have learned precisely what the world’s most famous rabbi had to say about this remarkable book we call The Bible, a collection of literary works by dozens of different authors who wrote over a period of hundreds of years.

Paperback Book: 285 pages

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