I & II Chronicles: An Expositional Commentary

Chuck Missler
Published by
Koinonia House

In Hebrew, this book is called dibhere ha-yamim: ''the words concerning the days.'' The Jewish Bible regards the Old Testament as 22 books and Chronicles is counted as a single book. I and II Chronicles take the form of a history: David and Judah are the focal points. The emphasis of I and II Chronicles is on the Southern Kingdom and the preservation of the Davidic line.

The first nine chapters in I Chronicles are a genealogy from Adam to Jacob, Jacob to David, and David to Zedekiah. The writer of Chronicles, who is concerned with the nation and the monarchy, starts with Adam. The Holy Spirit points out that this history of the Davidic line, in effect, benefits all mankind, not just the Jews.

This study contains 16 hours of verse by verse teachings.

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