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Missler Report Broadcasts from Nov, 1999

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Excerpts from recent broadcasts of The Missler Report with Chuck Missler, John Leoffler and guest Joel Skousen (editor of World Affairs Brief) concerning CHINA AND RUSSIA and nuclear war against America.
"The key question concerning China...there seems to be a pattern of systematic collusion between the Clinton and the Bush administrations. In the mid '80s employees of Hughes Aircraft Company, where our Top Secret weapons were being developed, called me and said 'This place is crawling with Chinese military officers!' The Bush Administration, in total collusion with Hughes, gave the Chinese military officers access to steal anything they wanted. That's more than Clinton has done. The degree of collusion going on here is far above simply trading military technology secrets for a few hundred thousand dollars in campaign funds!" - Joel Skousen

"There is a systematic plan to use the concepts of war to rearrange the chess pieces on the world playing board. It has to do with the New World Order, Globalism and the attack on national sovereignty we are seeing. Occasionally, the globalists who want One World Government have to turn to war to accelerate things." - Joel Skousen

"The U.N. is planning to redefine itself in September of 2000 and they are restructuring by getting rid of the Security Council Veto. What Americans don't realize is that a veto is synonymous with the preservation of national sovereignty. If you are a member of the U.N. and required to pay and participate but suddenly have no veto...no sovereignty...it means that the U.N. has mandatory control of powers and can dictate to member nations, including the United States!" - Joel Skousen

"It's my opinion...I have no proof...but there has to be a reason to justify this kind of continual defense of China and the flow of military technology. China is potentially a huge enemy of America, but they will also eventually fight against the Russians...they now have a nonaggression pact with Russia much like Russia had with Hitler." - Joel Skousen

"If you look at our history in the last half of this century, we seem to expend our energies arming our enemies. I spent a good part of my career as an executive in the Defense establishment and despite the competitiveness by companies for government contracts; there was a real sense of commitment to the defense of our country. So what is hard to believe is that these government communities as well as our military communities can be subverted!" - Chuck Missler

"The main plan, however, is with Russia who is five years ahead of China, despite the hype about Russia being in a difficult state with their military forces. It is really propaganda! They are feigning weakness prior to a strike. Their nuclear weapons and systems are being built up at record levels as we speak...all with Western aid!" - Joel Skousen

"None of this is being reported by the press...this weapons build-up is being done in the "secret Russian cities," which, by the way, have been very well protected from the media." - Chuck Missler

"Russia is about 3-4 years away. They are upgrading their weapons systems to be able to top the U.S. capability. Russia has had access to our technology for years, yet without the scrutiny that China has received." - Joel Skousen

"The New World Order types want another war. A war so horrible that it will be the war to end all wars...a war that will take down the U.S. potential. Why? Because you cannot get a New World Order that has police power and armed forces as long as the U.S. is playing policeman of the world."

"It also is in the interest of the Western powers to desire a U.N. world army to take down the U.S. so the world will have to band together to combat the Russians by joining forces under a U.N. banner...and that will happen only after the U.S. has been nuked with a preemptory strike from Russia!" - Joel Skousen

"Those who form a globalist move towards a U.N.-based government... they are really saying, 'We need chaos!'... for out of chaos they are allowed to reshape this new world design." - John Loeffler

"Joel, while your views may be extreme to some, on the other hand they are well supported. And even though they go contrary to our presumptions, I am one of those prophecy buffs that does not believe there is going to be a one- world government but there will be an attempt at that."

"I notice in Daniel 11:41, there is a region that escapes the rule of the antichrist...and also most people forget that the battle of Armageddon is a four power conflict: the Kings of the South...the Kings of the North...a mammoth western confederacy and the climax comes when the Kings of the East (Rev 16 and Isaiah 49) join in."

"The efforts toward globalism are a move toward globalism, but as they do it, it is incomplete and gives rise to the very conditions that seem to be laid out in the minor prophets (Ezekiel) and Revelation 16. That's why your scenario fascinates me-because while on one hand it is contrary to the conventional wisdom we get exposed to, it does happen to fit the Biblical scenario!" - Chuck Missler


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