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Missler Report Broadcasts from Nov, 1999

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The Missler Report, a daily commentary on news, politics, science, and the arts with internationally known business executive and Bible commentator, Chuck Missler.

Highlights from recent radio broadcasts of The Missler Report with Chuck Missler, host John Loeffler, and guests Dave Noebel and Rabbi Daniel Lapin on the subject of "How Far Has America Slipped?"

  • "It recently occurred to me how far America has slipped compared to what people believed 50 years ago - the solid basis for morality, the origin of our country, the foundation of free enterprise, and the concept of rights has been pushed so far aside that everyone has forgotten them!" - John Loeffler

  • "I think we have slipped about as far as we can slip! The whole idea of religion, Christianity and morality has been cut off. Our young people have had all that taken out of their school curricula for over a generation. I recently went to a public library to write an article and could not find anything on the pilgrims!"- Dave Noebel

  • "Our culture today at the academic levels is embracing either Socialism or Marxism. But I'm optimistic and believe that if the church will step in, some incredible things can happen. Like reestablishing the consciousness of some of these things in the culture." - John Loeffler

  • "The role of education has always been the role of the church... Christians have always been the ones interested in education. In fact the first 150 colleges and universities in America were founded by Christians. But after awhile they turned their backs on what they started, so now we'll have to start schools all over again and that's what we are doing. The history of the pilgrims and the role they played in our society is a very exciting and important role and yet our young people today are ignorant of that whole era." - Dave Noebel

  • "While the world has gone its own way, it is up to us Christians to pick up the standard. Unfortunately the church has surrendered most of its tasks to the public sector over the past 50 years: education, caring for the sick and the poor, how to raise up a child in the way he should go, and many others. Whatever the church hasn't surrendered to the public arena is now being compromised into the world system. Pastors today are really sort of religious/psychological counselors." - John Loeffler

  • "You would think that a pastor or church would look upon American history as sort of a beacon-light, like hey, this is Christianity in action... but now we have humanism inaction. The truth is that Christianity had a tremendous, influential role in the forming of this country, but now we turn our backs on that." - Dave Noebel

  • "The question is not 'how did we slip?' but 'how did we stay up there in the first place?' Obviously it took effort and work. Why all these changes? I call it spiritual gravity...we are becoming more like many other countries on this planet. The real question is 'why, for so many years, were we a unique dream that brought hope and optimism to the entire world?' The answer is the Judeo-Christian vision. That fueled our Founding Fathers and provided the impetus for the founding documents that our freedoms are enshrined in. Take all that away and what do you have?" - Rabbi Daniel Lapin

  • "Society does tend to make up its own rules... it's just that they are not rules based upon rules we used to have, and we also find that the rules are constantly changing. One of the latest versions of tolerance now is that Christians should make public commitments that they will no longer proselytize." - John Loeffler

  • "Isn't it strange that many places in America think that freedom of belief applies only to Jews and other minorities and not to Christians?" - Rabbi Daniel Lapin

  • "Eighty percent of the Jewish community is firmly committed to the camp of the Secular Liberal Fundamentalist. People who have done that have long since rejected the faith of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and embraced a new faith. It's a mistake to assume that secular liberalism is a benign state of neutrality designed to protect children, women and minorities. It's a profound faith with a firm doctrine with sacred sacraments, such as recycling, and it is very hostile to Christianity and Judaism and the morals they have taught." - Rabbi Daniel Lapin

  • "Yet there is a vast number of people who know the difference between right and wrong, who do understand what has gone wrong, who recognize how politics is being debased, how the White House is being turned into a cesspool... the vast number of these people don't even bother to vote. That astounds me!" - Rabbi Daniel Lapin

  • "About fifty percent of the Christian mainline churches have bought into the same "glot": a total mix-up of Socialism, Marxism and postmodern-ism all fused with older Christian doctrines. The other half are Biblical Evangelicals, Fundamentalists, and Pentecostals, but they are acting like all this is a picnic and not a war or a battle!" - John Loeffler
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