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Finally, Some Good News:

Hope for America

by Chuck Missler

Even while Americans focus on things like war, Iran, and high gas prices, its good to know that there are some positive things happening in America. For decades, conservatives have battled things like abortion, teen pregnancy, and a faulty education system. Its encouraging to know that things have indeed improved, and that the hard work in Americas culture war has been paying off after all.

Last month in the Washington Post, the director of the White Houses Office of Strategic Initiatives, Peter Wehner, wrote:

...We hear hardly anything about the encouraging developments. Off-key as it may sound in the current environment, a strong case can be made that in a number of areas there are positive trends and considerable progress.

First he looked at the social indicators that should give Americans hope:

Yet there are still some problems. Wehner says:

Births to unmarried women are at an all-time high, and in many respects our popular culture remains a cesspool. But context is important. Between 1960 and the mid-90s virtually every social indicator got worse - and in many cases staggeringly worse. Then things began to turn around, almost as if a cultural virus created its own antibodies.

Next he looked at economic indicators:

He finished with a broad look at National Security and the state of the world:

There are still plenty of battles to fight. The war has not been won, but there is progress being made. We always have to remember that ultimately, we are in a spiritual battle. But, the commander of our armies is the God of the universe, and His power can reach into the lives of even the most desperate drug addict or the most hate-filled terrorist. Lets keep fighting - and praying - for our country.

This article was originally published in the
July 2006 Personal Update NewsJournal.

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