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Articles for 1997


What Holds the Universe Together? – Physics and the Bible:

The Mind of Christ (Pt. IV) – Seven Fold Spirit of God

The Helmet of Salvation – The Armor of God:


The Adequacy of our Helmet – The Armor of God:

Is Empty Space Empty? – Physics and the Bible:

Impeachment! – Restraining our Judiciary:

The Mind of Christ (Pt. V) – Seven Fold Spirit of God


Six Hours in Eternity – Physics and the Bible:

The Hidden Chambers – Be Ye Transformed:

The New World Order – A Chronological History:

The Mind of Christ (Pt. VI) – Seven Fold Spirit of God

The Sword of the Spirit – The Armor of God:


Feeding the Dragon? – From Our Private Modem:

Our Free Choice – The Mind of Christ:


Workers for the 21st Century – Beyond Goals 2000:

Exploding Planets and Ancient Catastrophes – Physics and the Bible:

Our Heavy Artillery – The Armor of God:

The Mind of Christ (Pt. VII) – Seven Fold Spirit of God

Who was Fatima? – The Islamic Mary:


Lessons from the Sudetenland – A Contribution by Benjamin Netanyahu:

The Terrible Flood of Noah – Physics and the Bible:

Abraham's Burial Site – Hidden Until Now:

The Mind of Christ (Pt. VIII) – Seven Fold Spirit of God


The Red Heifer – Holy Cow?

Why Is the Christian Walk So Hard? – Nan's Corner:

The Bible Codes – Deciphering the Bible?

The Possibility of Impeachment – Breach of Trust:

Reflections on Our Republic – None Dare Call It Fascism:


Tensions in the Land of Magog – From Our Private Modem:

Mars the Mysterious – The Red Planet:

Tisha B'Av – A Day Like Any Other?

Blueprint of a Believer – Nan's Corner:

Mischievous Angels or Sethites? – Textual Controversy:


The Return of the Nephilim? – 'And Also After That':

When the Universe Became Fuzzy – Physics and the Bible

The Most Powerful Growth Secret – A Program for this Fall:

A Spiritual View of the Temple of God – Be Ye Transformed:

The Population Control Agenda – Beyond Birth Control:


Halloween - 1997 – An Invitation to the Occult?

The History of Hyperspace – Physics and the Bible:

The Population Control Agenda (Pt 2) – Beyond Birth Control:

The Temple of God - 'The Hidden Part' – Be Ye Transformed:


The First Thanksgiving – American History:

Steeling vs. Stealing the Mind – Christians and the Media:

The Hidden Chambers II – Be Ye Transformed:


Impeachment – The Puck Is on the Ice:

Unraveling DNA's Design – Divine Engineering

The Hidden Chambers - Why The Hornets? – Be Ye Transformed: