“Bringing the world into focus
through the lens of Scripture”


Articles for 1998


The Bible Codes – Cosmic Codes - A Series:

The Great Mediterranean Sea – Geology and the Bible:

True Deliverance – Be Ye Transformed:

AIDS: The Untold Story – An Unnecessary Epidemic?


The Mideast Threat – Nuclear/Biological Terrorism:

The First Cryptanalyst – Cosmic Codes-A Continuing Series:

Emergent and Deliberate Diseases – Behold A Pale Horse:

Attitudes – Practically, How Do We Renew our Minds?

The Joy Of Teaching God's Word – Home Bible Studies:


Three Threats to Freedom – Quo Vadis America:

The Real Mt. Sinai? – Arabian Adventure:

Attitudes - (Part 2) – Practically, How Do We Renew our Minds?

Faster Than The Speed of Light – Physics and the Bible:

The Capital of the World – Overlooked in our Traditions:


The Agony of Love – Medical Aspects of The Crucifixion:

The Value of Pi – Hidden Codes in the Bible:

Essential Steps – Practically, How Do We Renew Our Minds?


The Appointed Times – Microcodes & Macrocodes:

Waco Revisited – Fifth Anniversary:

What Is Light? – Physics and the Bible:

Essential Steps to Renewing our Minds (Part 2) – Be Ye Transformed


The Code of Blood – Cosmic Codes:

Fascination With Mars – Photos from the Red Planet:

Essential Steps to Renewing our Minds (Part 3) – Be Ye Transformed


The Boundaries of Reality – Quantum Physics:

Global Inflation – Behold A Black Horse:

Up In Flames – Nan's Corner

They Only Know What You Teach 'Em – A Wake-Up Call:


The Real Problem – Nan's Corner


A Halloween Tale – A Milestone in History:


A New Way of Love – Way of Agape


Thanksgiving – Our National Challenge:

What Is God's Love, Really? – Way of Agape


Why a Virgin Birth? – A Christmas Issue:

The Case for Jerusalem – Strategic Perspective:

The Gift of Love – The Way of Agape