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Articles for 2004


The Danger of Emotional Choices – Against the Tide:

Lew's Journey – Pilgrimage to Eternity:

The Most Insulting Idol of All – The Mathematics of Beauty:

The Latest G2 from Avi Lipkin – Update:

All Anchors Accounted For – The Thrilling Conclusion:



What God Can't Do and Doesn't Know


The Deluge – The Flood of Noah:

The Most Quoted Book – Inspiring Commentary:

Through a Glass Darkly – Science and the Pursuit of Truth:

Don't Grieve the Holy Spirit – Against the Tide

What to Expect in 2004 – World Affairs Forecast:


The Greatest Story Ever Told – The Gospel of John:

The Scarlet Thread – An Easter Devotional:

Poland's Balancing Act – European Union Update:

The Judeo-Christian Alliance – Middle East Update:

Whose Life Will Be Lived in Our Souls (Part 1) – Against the Tide:


Whose Life Will Be Lived In Our Souls (Part 2) – Against the Tide:

This Years 'Steeling The Mind' Conference Report

Six Hours in Eternity – What Really Happened on the Cross?

Strategic Trends 2004 (Part 1) – Updated Briefing!


The Malta Expedition – Trip Update:

Private Worship: The Key to Joy – New Series!

Strategic Trends 2004 (Part 2) – Updated Briefing!

Treasures in the Family Trees – Textual Surprises:


The World Capital? – The Most Important City in Iraq:

Home Study Alternatives – An Opportunity:

Searching for Joy – Private Worship: The Key to Joy

Strategic Trends 2004 (Part 3) – Updated Briefing!


The Da Vinci Code Decoded – Part 1 of a Series:

Begin at the Beginning – Our Newest Commentary:

What Makes Worship So Important? – Private Worship:

Strategic Trends 2004 (Part 4) – Updated Briefing!


Ethiopian Expedition 2005 – A Trip Like No Other:

Was Columbus Jewish? – Mysteries Behind our History

Mary, Mary? Quite Contrary! – Part 2 of 'The DaVinci Deception'

Koinonia Institute Fact Sheet – For Serious Students:

The Fullness of Joy – Private Worship:


2005 Israel Trip – Itinerary

Nicene Creed

''Another Gospel''? – Part 3 of 'The Da Vinci Deception':

Prophets to the Gentiles – New Commentary:

The Fall Feasts – New Year in Israel:

Koinonia Institute Courses – Back to School at KI:

The Key to Joy – Private Worship:


Steeling Minds in Denver – Conference in Colorado:

Just One Vote – An Election Challenge:

Gods Order of Worship – Private Worship: The Key to Joy

Eagles and Bees? – Part 4 of 'The Da Vinci Deception':

Republic v. Democracy – Election-Year Stewardship


Turkeys Next Step – EU Accession Debate

It Is The Soldier

Preparation for Worship – Private Worship: The Key to Joy

Thanksgiving – Our National Challenge

Daniel’s 70 Weeks – The Precision of Prophecy


Congratulations, America! – A Commencement Address:

Personal Cleansing Steps – Private Worship: The Key to Joy

The Origins of our Christmas Traditions – Seasonal Favorites:

The Final ''Week'' – Hanukkah Prophetically: