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Articles for 2008


2007 Executive Summary – Milestones of the Past Year:

Focusing on Whats Ahead – KI 2008 Preview:

Is There a God? – Finding The Way, Part 3:

The Gospel of Paul – Updated Romans Study:

Reflections of His Image Maturity in Christ – Nans Corner:

Strategic Perspectives II – The 2nd Annual KI Conference:


The Akedah – A Typology of Easter:

Face to Face – A Gathering Together:

Friendship Evangelism – Finding the Way, Part 4:

Reflections of His Image What Is Gods Will? – Nans Corner:

Today or Tomorrow? – KI Devotional:

The Turbulence Ahead – A Forecast for 2008:


Call Me Coach! – Finding The Way: Part 5

Reflections of His Image How to be Cleansed by His Spirit – Nans Corner:

The Nature of our Reality – Science and the Bible, Part 1:

The Pastoral Epistles – Updated Commentary on DVD:

The Unexpected King – Palm Sunday Surprise:


Christ in the Passover – A Timely Study:

Making the BIG Church Small – Finding The Way: Part 6

Reflections of His Image Personal Cleansing Steps: Part 1 – Nans Corner:

Technology Statements – Technology and the Bible, Part 2:

Trusting God in the Face of Impossibilities: Part 1 – The Essence of True Faith:

Two Things We Cannot Live Without – KI Devotional:


The Betrayal of the Chosen – A Timely Study:

The Black Horse of Revelation? – Agricultural Crisis:

Equipping the Saints – Finding the Way, Part 7:

The KI Berean Tour – Israel 2008:

KI Small Groups – KI Devotional:

Reflections of His Image Personal Cleansing Steps: Part 2 – Nans Corner:

Trusting God in the Face of Impossibilities: Part 2 – The Essence of True Faith:


How Isaiah Changed My Life – Finding the Way Finale:

Pressing On To Maturity – Updated Hebrews Study:

Reflections of His Image: How to Worship in the Spirit – Nans Corner:

Round-the-World Trip – Summary Report:

Stop, Look, and Listen! – KI Devotional:

Taking KI to Local Communities – KI Area Rep Report:

Probing the Limits to Our Reality – Technology and the Bible: Part 3


K-House Team – The New Paradigm:

A Major Biblical Enigma – A Glimpse of Hebrews, Part 2:

KI Scholarship Fund – First Fruits Offering:

Reflections of His Image: Jesus - A New Way to Worship – Nan's Corner:

Shavuot Gleanings – KI Devotional:

Strategic Perspectives: So Cal – Conference Summary:

Why I Stand With Israel – New Study:


The China Fantasy – Book Review:

The Epistle to the Galatians – Updated Study:

The Impending Storm – Our Continuing Vortex Series:

Reflections of His Image: Abiding in the Spirit – Nans Corner:

Religion in China – China Update, Part 1:


Economics in China – China Update, Part 2:

The Fall Feasts of Israel – Celebrated This Month:

A Legacy of Debt – The Vortex Series, Part 3:

Reflections of His Image Friends with God – Nans Corner:

Schmoozing with Terrorists – Book Review:


Communism in China – China Update, Part 3:

Islamic Brainwashers Awaiting a Millstone – Hamas and Hezbollah:

Reflections of His Image Spiritual Warfare – Nans Corner:

The Significance of Your Vote – Our Election Franchise:


Eternal Security – The First in a Series:

Eternal Security: Part 2 – The Second in a Series:

"Fossil Fuels" Only a Myth? – Energy Update:

A Fresh Look at the Holidays – Calling All Koinonos:

Reflections of His Image The Keys to the Kingdom – Nans Corner:

The "Gap" Theory – An Exegetical Controversy:


Reflections of His Image – The Armor of God

The Throne of David – The Series Continues:

First Fruits: IDB Bullets – Issachar Database Update:

Strategic Perspectives – The 3rd Annual KI Conference: