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through the lens of Scripture”


Articles for 2014


The Danger of Emotional Choices – Against The Tide

In Times of Trouble – Preparing for Disasters

Navigating Financial Uncertainty – Financial Turmoil, Part 2

Once Again the Fog Is Lifting – Koinonia International Fellowship

2013 - The Year in Review – Annual Report Card


48 Hours – When Jesus Waits

A Lost Generation – The Millenials

A Romance of Redemption – New Bible Study

Rotten to the Core – Common Core Curriculum

Knowing God Loves Us – Against The Tide


The Battle For Jerusalem – Mideast Update

Blessings From Intimacy – Faith in the Night Seasons

Doctrines of Demons – New Topical Study

Keeping It Safe – Privacy

The Future of Money – The Economy


Blessings from Intimacy, Part 2 – Faith in the Night Seasons

“Not According to Plan”? – Seasonal Study

Sci-Fi vs. Sci-Fact – Biotechnology

Signs in the Heavens? – Blood Moons

Toward a New World Monetary Order – The Economy


1914 vs. 2014 – Wars & Rumors of War

Australia’s Uranium & Ezekiel 38–39 – Weapons Proliferation

Family Matters – New Topical Series

Fountains of the Deep – Science

Passing Through the Night – Faith in the Night Seasons


The Footprints of the Messiah – New E-Book

Praying our Petitions – Private Worship

Princess Palestina & Queen Esther – Battle for Jerusalem

The “Watchers” – Biblical Answers to ET


Our New Spiritual Willpower – Against The Tide

Exposing Darkness & Embracing Light – Culture Wars

Where We’ve Been and Where We’ll End – Small Groups

The Coming War on True Christianity – Christian Living


A New Way of Love – The Way of Agape

The Rapture – New E-Book

Because We Must – Remember The Names

Christian Worldview Entropy – Culture Wars

Elam: Iran’s Forgotten Prophecy – Middle East


The Feasts of Israel – New E-Book

Hope Against Hope – The Anchor of Our Soul

I, Jesus: An Autobiography – New Book

A Man-Made Disaster – The Middle East

The Mystery of Melchizedek – New Bible Study


Ebola: A Modern-Day Plague – Global Pestilence

The Encroaching Darkness – A Painful Assessment

How Interest Rates Rule the World – The Economy

Perilous Times – 2 Timothy 3:1-5

Hope Against Hope: Part 2 – The Anchor of Our Soul


Trusting God in the Darkness: Part 1 – Hope Against Hope

Our Final Exam – The Bema Seat

The Reemergence of Assyria? – End Times


The Love of God – Bible Study

Trusting God in the Darkness: Part 2 – Hope Against Hope

Another Great Memory – Strategic Perspectives

Koinonia Institute’s New Translation Initiative – New Initiatives