My King

A poem

My King

He is the King of the Jews
  He is the King of Israel
But He’s also
  King of all the Ages;
  King of Heaven;
  King of Glory;
  King of Kings;
    …and Lord of Lords.

He is
  a prophet before Moses;
  a priest after Melchizedek;
  a champion like Joshua;
  an offering in place of Isaac;
  a king from the line of David;
  a counselor above Solomon;
  beloved, rejected, and exalted
    like Joseph;
and yet far more…

The Heavens declare His glory…
  and the firmament shows
    His handiwork.

He who is, who was, and who always will be;

The first and the last
  He is the Alpha and Omega
    the Aleph and the Tau
      the A and the Z;

He is the ego eimi,
  the אהיה‎ אהיה אשר
    the “I AM that I AM”

The voice of the burning bush
  the Captain of the Lord’s Host
    the conqueror of Jericho

He is our Kinsman-Redeemer
  and He is our Avenger of Blood;
    and He is our City of Refuge;

He was crucified on a cross of wood;
  Yet He made the hill
    on which it stood.

By Him were all things made
  that were made;
  without Him was not anything made
    that was made;

By Him are all things held together!

In Him dwells
  the fullness of the Godhead bodily;
    The very God of very God.

He became
  the first fruits of them that slept.

He is our Performing High Priest;
  Our Personal Prophet;
    Our Reigning King.

He is enduringly strong;
  entirely sincere;
    eternally steadfast;

He is imperially powerful;
  immortally graceful;
    impartially merciful;

He stands alone in Himself:
  He’s unique,

He’s the Loftiest idea
&  in Literature;

He’s the highest Personality
  in Philosophy;

He’s the Fundamental Doctrine
  of Theology;

He’s the Supreme Problem
  in “higher criticism”!

He’s the Son of God!

There is no means of measuring
  his limitless love:

It was written in blood,
  on that wooden cross
    erected in Judea
      2,000 years ago.

He was born of a woman
  so that we could be born of God;
He humbled Himself
  so that we could be lifted up;
He became a servant
  so that we could be made joint-heirs;
He suffered rejection
  so that we could become His friends;
He denied Himself
  so that we could freely receive all things;
He gave Himself
  so that He could bless us in every way.

  is Available to the tempted and the tried;
  Blesses the young;
  Cleanses the lepers;
  Defends the feeble;
  Delivers the captives;
  Discharges the debtors;
  Forgives the sinners;
  Franchises the meek;
  Guards the besieged;
  Heals the sick;
  Provides strength to the weak;
  Regards the aged;
  Rewards the diligent;
  Serves the unfortunate;
  Sympathizes and He saves!

His Offices are many;
His Reign is righteous;
His Promises are certain;
His Goodness is limitless;
His Light is matchless;
His Love never changes;
His Grace is sufficient;
His Mercy is everlasting;
His Word is enough;
His Yoke is easy and
  His Burden is light!

He’s indescribable;
He’s incomprehensible;
He’s irresistible;
He’s invincible!

The Heaven of heavens
  cannot contain Him;
Man cannot explain Him

The Pharisees couldn’t stand Him
  but soon learned
    that they couldn’t stop Him;

They railroaded Him
  through 6 illegal trials,
    and yet

The witnesses couldn’t agree against Him
  and the personal representative
    of the ruler of the world,
      couldn’t find any fault with Him;

Herod couldn’t kill Him
  death couldn’t handle Him
    the grave couldn’t hold Him!

He has always been and always will be;
  He had no predecessor and
    will have no successor;
You can’t impeach Him and
  he isn’t going to resign!

His name is above every name;
  That at the name of Yeshua
Every knee shall bow
  Every tongue shall confess
That Jesus Christ is Lord!

His is the kingdom,
  and the power,
    and the glory…
      for ever, and ever.

Hallelujah! …and Amen!

(As inspired by Pastor Dr. Shadrach Meshach Lockridge of San Diego Calvary Baptist Church, and supplemented from many additional sources.)