False START?

Magog Positioning

"...the world's preeminent nuclear power is now Moscow."

With the elections in the Russian Duma now behind us and the emergence of "hard liners" in the forthcoming Russian presidential elections this June, the tensions in the land of Magog are increasing.

As we ponder the adverse trends in Russia and the return to an anti-American hostility, it is important to be aware of the implications of the continuing disarmament of U.S. nuclear forces.

The Senate, in an 87-4 vote on January 26, approved the second Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (START II).1 This treaty bans all land-based nuclear weapons with multiple warheads. (The Russian dominance in submarine-based nuclear weapons was summarized in our previous publications.).2

Moscow's Nuclear Dominance

The U.S. has already unilaterally dismantled 4,000 nuclear warheads in our forces counted in START. Instead of dismantling START forces, as the U.S. is doing, the former Soviets are still building up their START forces.

The former Soviet Union still has over 9,000 strategic nuclear warheads aimed at the United States. Soon the U.S. will have only about 3,500 START warheads. In contrast, Russia is currently producing 75 strategic ballistic missiles, 8 strategic submarines, and 20 bombers.3

(This is in addition to the factories in the Ukraine producing ballistic missiles, bombers, and other strategic weapons, which are not counted.)

The approval of START II also means the elimination of the large Peacekeeper (MX) missile and the reduction of warheads in the Minuteman missile from three to one.4

Furthermore, to placate Russian concerns, the decision on U.S. deployment of strategic missile defenses has been postponed until 2003.5

As Clinton continues to block deployment of U.S. national ballistic missile defense, "...the world's preeminent nuclear power - with its combination of strategic missiles and national ballistic missile and air defenses - is now Moscow."6

"START II explicitly codifies a 'nuclear blackmail' relationship between the United States and the former Soviet Union, in which the U.S. is to be forced to pay tribute money in order for some worthless former Soviet missile-launch silos to be dismantled..."7

Deterrence Weakened

The U.S. strategic offensive "Triad" - intercontinental and submarine-based ballistic missiles and bombers - had previously dominated both Soviet missile and air defenses. START II removes this historical U.S. advantage.

As the Russian General Staff has stated publicly, the START II Treaty would enhance the Russian counterforce advantage over the U.S. because they can exploit loopholes in the treaty to restore their MIRV capabilities quickly and because the number of U.S. targets is much reduced.

(So much for the myth that Russian missiles are no longer targeted on the United States.)

Preparing for nuclear war with the U.S. remains a key Russian priority.

Russian Air Defense

In the 1980s the Soviets began to acquire all the elements for effective low-altitude air defenses: airborne command-control, advanced fighters, and the SA-10 system, which was designed to combat stealthy bombers and cruise missiles likely to survive a Russian preemptive strike under START II.

Since the 1960s, the Soviets allocated 2-3% of their GNP annually to the construction of a vast network of bunkers and deep (900 meters) underground shelters to enable the leaders to conduct and survive a protracted nuclear war.

Construction of underground facilities continues; another 25 kilometers are being added to the leadership's 320-kilometer private subway under Moscow.

Kovinsky Mountain

U.S. intelligence officials have claimed that preparing for nuclear war with the U.S. remains a key Russian priority. One indication of this is the building of an underground command and control center known as Kovinsky Mountain in the Urals.

Although some of the construction appears to be a continuation of programs started before the dissolution of the Soviet Union, it seems that every attention is being paid "to correct perceived vulnerabilities."

The United States intelligence community concludes, therefore, that "preparedness for nuclear war remains a resource allocation priority."8

Insanity or Treason?

The Senate approved START II despite the fact that Russia has national ballistic missile defenses in violation of the ABM Treaty, a strengthening Russian Triad, and other preparations aimed at establishing a strategic nuclear imbalance.

As the United States destroys its nuclear armaments, our capacity for self-defense is being reduced in the wake of looming threats, not only from Moscow but also from Red China and other assorted terrorist nations.

It is becoming increasingly difficult to distinguish irresponsibility, stupidity, and treason.

The ostensibly subversive bias of the major media - which controls and manages over 97% of the information fed to the American public - continues to sponsor a New World Order in which the strength and prosperity of the United States is the major obstacle.9

It is disturbing that our strategic predicament is not a "politically correct" topic for discussion. One wonders.

Magog Positioned?

The increasing tensions in the Middle East appear to be ultimately heading for a nuclear confrontation. Our private briefings with the leadership at NATO Headquarter in Brussels have confirmed this assessment.

Russia's ("Magog") strategic goals are deeply involved with the Islamic Middle East. Will Russia not be involved? Boris Yeltsin is openly defying President Clinton and is clearly committed to backing Iran in their intrigues. Is the ill-fated invasion of Ezekiel 38 about to take place?

If so, how does all this impact you and your family? Isn't it time to do your homework?

Much of this update has been excerpted from Howard Phillips' Issues and Strategy Bulletin, 9520 Bent Creek Lane, Vienna VA, 22182. Howard is a good friend and we highly recommend his newsletter ($100/year).


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