Who was Fatima?

The Islamic Mary

The Vision of Fatima

On May 13, 1917 three children saw a lady who identified herself as the Lady of the Rosary. These children claim to have had six visions of this Fatima, a vision each month for six months. The famous Vision of Fatima occurred October 12, 1917, when a crowd of 70,000 witnessed some sort of solar phenomenon. Pope John Paul believes he was saved from an assassination by bending over to look at a young girl's pendant of Fatima. Pope John Paul believes that the visions of Fatima are for today.

Who was Fatima?

Fatima ("Az-Sahra", "the Shining One") was the daughter of Muhammad. Fatima was the only child that gave Muhammad grandchildren, all of his other sons and daughters died or failed to reproduce.

Fatima married 'Ali, whom the Shi'i consider to be the legitimate heir of authority of the Prophet Muhammad and the first of their "Imams" through her son Husayn. Fatima was venerated as the Arabian Moon-goddess, "Mother of her father." Like the virgin Mary, her western counterpart, Fatima was officially demoted to mortality but still kept most of her old titles and powers.

Note: The above was excerpted from Chuck Missler's Sword of Allah Briefing Pack.