Russian-Syrian-Iranian Axis

Magog Update

For students of Bible prophecy, even the title of this communique should set off alarm sirens. I just received some electrifying intelligence data - first, from the DEBKA-Net-Weeklys briefing, and second, from some personal intelligence sources (which I carefully guard) that confirm Debkas report.

Russia, Iran and Syria have entered a defense pact that is in the process of altering the balance of power in the entire Middle East. Russia's part in the pact has been kept relatively secret for a long time. But the facts reveal a long, steady Russian commitment to the Iranian nuclear program and arms supply to Syria.

A Mossad general shared with me in confidence that he had personally traced the hiring and importation to Iran of 283 of the defunct Soviet Unions top nuclear and missile scientists. This meeting took place in February of 1991.

I shared this information with no one until nine months later, when it was first made public (although, strangely, not followed up by the mainstream media). All Russian leaders continued and expanded this agreement to this day, especially our supposed friend, Vladimir Putin.

Russia has helped the Iranian nuclear program from its inception. Hundreds of Russian scientists, with their families, live around some twenty scattered nuclear-related facilities. Russian Spetznaz soldiers (Special Forces) guard all the key nuclear facilities.

Iran has had some help on missile development from the North Koreans. But even their missiles are based upon Russian designs. The unmistakable culprit in China, North Korea and Iran's nuclear development has been the Soviet Union and continued by Russia.

The Soviet Unions motivation for helping China and North Korea was primarily ideological. Russia's primary reason is hard cash; although now, it is taking on a strategic importance as well. So, here are the disturbing, hard facts about what is taking place in what can only be viewed as a dangerous anti-Western strategy in the form of a Russian-Syrian-Iranian Axis.

The first part of this strategy was, as I said above, Russia enabling Iran to produce deliverable nuclear warheads. The second part was the formation of the recent mutual defense pact between Iran and Syria. The foreign ministers of Iran and Syria, Mostafa Najjar and Hassan Turkmani, signed the pact in Tehran on June 15th, 2006.

Debkas intelligence sources unveiled a disturbing clause in the agreement that was reported to President Bush by U.S. Intelligence. This report disclosed:

The clause speaks of more than one battery of upgraded Shehab-3 surface-to-surface missiles to be deployed on the 13,000-foot Jabal Ash Shanin ridges towering over central Syria. The latest Syrian-Iranian exchanges are reported by DEBKA-Net-Weeklys intelligence sources as auguring the early dispatch from Tehran of a deputation of officers to take up position at al Qadnus, east of the Syrian port of Tartus, and along the road linking the port to Jabal Ash Shanin. This team will act as the vanguard of the Iranian missile force: to operate the missile station, check out the ground, and fix its precise location.

Senior intelligence officials warned the U.S. President that this deployment would not just throw the entire Middle East balance of strength out of kilter, but directly menace American bases located as far as West and East Europe and the Central Asian republics, including those located on the shores of the oil-rich Caspian Sea. This puts virtually all of Europe within range of the soon-coming nuclear-tipped Iranian missiles - and at the whim of Iranian President, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Remember him? He is the one who believes Allah has chosen him to fulfill an end time Muslim prophecy by starting a world apocalypse in which the long-awaited Mahdi (Muslim Messiah) will appear and subject all survivors to Allah.

As if this isn't bad enough news, there is something even more alarming developing within this new axis of evil. Russia is now making moves to protect Syria and its Shehab-3 missile base.

This is what DEBKA-News-Weekly reported: Our sources have observed the Russians dredging the port of Tartus, Syrias second most important Mediterranean port, with a view to expanding their logistical supply point there to a fully-equipped naval base, possibly to serve the Black Sea Fleet warships when they are redeployed from the Ukrainian port of Sevastopol. It is designed to be built up into the permanent base for the fleet led by the RFS Moskva (TG Flag) missile cruiser and the RFS Azov landing ship within the next three years.

On February 27, 2006, DEBKAfiles exclusive sources found the Moskva and Asov heading into the Mediterranean on Feb. 5, escorted by a Russian military tug, to take part in the NATO marine exercise Operation Active Endeavor, which was to practice counter-measures against nuclear and other WMD smugglers. NATO chiefs, and American generals in particular, attached great importance to Russia's participation in the exercise. NATO secretary Jaap de Hoop Scheffer had intended to make the gesture of being the North Atlantic Organization chief to visit a Russian flagship. The visit was cancelled when it was discovered that the three Russian fleet vessels would be paying an official call at the Syrian port of Latakia.

The arrival of the Russian task force in Tartus in March marked the opening of the Russian base. Our military experts note that the Missile Cruiser Moskva is armed with the weapons, radar and electronic gear of an [aircraft] carrier hunter.

The American intelligence briefing for the U.S. President further disclosed that sophisticated Russian air defense systems are to be installed for the dual purpose of protecting the Tartus Naval Base and the Shehab-3 missile emplacements. DEBKA-Net-Weeklys military sources identify the system as the S-300PMU-2. It will be operated by Russian military crews, not in Syrian hands. This air defense system is comparable to the American Patriot, but is more effective. The version to be deployed in Syria is geared to intercept ballistic missiles. It has the great advantage of being ready to fire five minutes after receiving orders

This explains why Iran has blatantly defied the world and continued developing nuclear warheads, which are closer to becoming operational than we dare believe.

Second, it explains the reason why the Iranian and Syrian defense ministers signed a mutual defense pact last June 15th.

Third, it gives the reason for Hezbollah launching a war with Israel when they did. It was to divert the G-8 leaders from seriously debating action about the Iranian nuclear threat. And Vladimir Putin played a masterful game of concealing what his forces are doing.

Fourth, it explains why Syria and Iran are unafraid to openly support Hezbollah in their war with Israel and support terrorist that target U.S. troops in Iraq. Russia is in the background guaranteeing their protection. Debka reports that they found data indicating that Russia helped persuade Syrian President Bashir Assad to accept the placement of Iranian missiles on their soil by hinting that it is part of their own deepening strategic plans for Syria.

What is most important is that all this is setting up Ezekiel's 2600-year-old prophecy in Ezekiel Chapter 38. Persia, or modern Iran, is listed as chief among the Muslim nations Russia will lead into an all-out assault against Israel. This is predicted to be the first battle of the war of Armageddon.

One nation that does not seem to be listed is Syria. I believe this is the result of actions it is now taking against Israel. Isaiah's prophecy about Damascus in the last days is going to be soon fulfilled.

Twenty-seven hundred years ago, Isaiah warned, An oracle concerning Damascus: See, Damascus will no longer be a city but will become a heap of ruins In that day the glory of Jacob will fade; the fat of his body will waste away. (Isaiah 17:1, 4 NIV)

To establish the time of this event, look at these factors:

  • First, Damascus is one of the oldest continuously populated cities on earth. It has never been totally destroyed - yet.
  • Second, it is in a context of events that lead up to the catastrophes that precede the Lord Jesus Second Coming.
  • Third, it is far enough away from that event that Jacob (Israel) is enduring terrible circumstances.
  • Fourth, Syria and the tribal name of its forefathers are not mentioned in the Russian-led Muslim Confederacy that launches Armageddon in the middle of the Tribulation.

All of this leads me to believe that Damascus will be destroyed before the Tribulation begins. I believe that Damascus is about to so threaten Israel's existence, by either launching or furnishing bio-chemical weapons or radioactive dirty bombs, that Israel will nuke them. Israel has sworn that it will implement the Samson-Option against any nation that attacks them with any form of weapons of mass destruction. That means a thermonuclear strike. This may soon happen to Syria. This, in turn, will so terrify the world that it will be ripe to embrace the Antichrist when he is unveiled. And that could be very, very soon.

Thank God that you have received the gift of pardon that Jesus purchased by dying in your place under the judgment for your sins. But if you haven't received this free gift of pardon and accepted Jesus into your life, now is the time. Don't put it off. It is like playing Russian roulette with eternity. Pray right now and receive your forgiveness. Ask Jesus Christ to come into your life and make it what He wants it to be. He will give you new desires, new joy and a purpose for living. Do it now.


  • 2006 Hal Lindsey. Used by permission of the author,