New Wine for New Skins?

A Personal Challenge

Are you dissatisfied with the present course of your life? Do you feel a drawing away from your present commitments and a yearning for a greater relevance in your life? Is it possible that God may be calling you into a new phase of your life?

How can you tell? How can you confirm the path you are on? Are you concerned that, after “climbing the ladder,” you may find that it has been leaning on the wrong building?

Are you interested in preparing for being a serious Ambassador for our coming King? Serious times are coming, and serious times require serious people.

Perhaps you are open to some changes in your life, but are not sure just how to proceed. Let’s recognize that the traditional pattern of “Bible college-to seminary-to pastor” is a vestige of a pattern of life that originally derived from the idioms of the 4th century. We live in a very different era in terms of the technologies, the information appliances available, the fragmentation of our society, the shrinkage of this globe we call earth, etc.

(The current explosion of weekly private study groups is but one example. Each of these can grow into much more. If there is to be a revival in America, it will begin here: plunging seriously into the Word of God, leading to serious repentance and accountability, etc.)

I personally have always been cautious of undertaking any drastic personal changes suddenly, without adequate preparation and validation. It should be borne in mind that today there are many ways to take small, relatively risk-free steps toward any major change of direction. For example, with the Internet, you can now take courses “on your own clock,” whenever it proves convenient: snatches of time in the early hours, late at night, or weekends. And these can lead to useful credentials. Furthermore, you can also be participating in fellowships, without any borders of geography or doctrinal traditions. This is also a way of broadening your personal horizons. There are Christians-in your own professional specialty-facing similar challenges on the other side of the globe. The resulting friendships (and anecdotes) are heartwarming and endless.

If the Lord appears to be calling you toward the adventures of a contemporary ministry, we are here to help you. Our first suggestion is to take an initial step toward preparation, and then prayerfully explore some of the many alternative callings currently available.

There are completely new paradigms emerging in Christian fellowship which include many subtle variations, from simply volunteering all the way to full-time missionary service. We need teaching assistants, area representatives, district advocates, regional managers, and many specialized skills. Pray about it seriously.

If you have an interest, begin by just taking a class ( has a downloadable Handbook, which explains how it all works). 

There are incredible adventures ahead and you can be part of them.

In His Grip, Chuck