My Friend


Chuck once penned these words in a Personal Update article entitled “A Friendly Whisper: The Most Painful Sin”.

This is what he wrote:

True Friendship

“What is true friendship? A relationship that doesn’t require explanations. One that gives us the assurance of receiving the benefit of the doubt. A friend is one who is loyal and shuns any form of betrayal.”

Brian and Chuck.
Brian and Chuck.

Chuck Missler was a loyal friend, and a generous, big hearted, servant hearted, friend. He went out of his way for people. Don’t get me wrong, Chuck was just a man, talented, incredibly brilliant, but a sinner saved by the grace of God in Jesus Christ who was his Savior. He loved the Word of God, and he loved the God of the Word.

I have been asked as we travelled together over the years, “how does Chuck know the Bible so well?” My answer is always the same and true. Because he reads it! Yes, he studied. Yes, the Lord gave him deep insight and understanding as he probed it’s depths. But he loved to begin his day in just sitting at Jesus’ feet as it were, reading his Bible. He loved to share as we talked, the nature and character of God because he knew and appreciated Him, because he was one who sat at His feet, listening for his “voice” as he read, and who, because he spent daily time with the Lord, actually knew Him.

I was blessed in our friendship and all it encompassed and meant to us over the years. I was blessed to stand by his side in times of trouble, especially in the last few days and hours of his sojourn on earth. I was also blessed to stand by his side and witness what the Lord did through him in so many lives that were changed in both Australia and New Zealand. But most of all blessed in his example of sincere love for the God of the Bible. Blessed in our hours, and hours, and hours of talking about the Word.

I will miss him for a while but know exactly where he is and am assured we will be together again.

Brian Hughes,
Chuck’s Friend

Brian, Chuck, and Ron.
Brian, Chuck, and Ron.