Remembering Chuck


Chuck was someone who really appreciated the details — however small — that point to how amazing our Creator and Redeemer is. Besides his love for the Word, Chuck never took himself too seriously. He was always reminding us of Acts 17:11 to be like the Bereans and to check for ourselves whether what he said was true. He also had a playful side that sometimes came across in the recordings. He loved to “mouth” like he was talking during the microphone checks before recording just to see if we were paying attention. As someone who enjoyed a good pun as much as the next guy, I think Chuck was impressed when he would discover the Holy Spirit using puns in the text of the Bible. He loved how real the Bible is. He said he loved how when we read of Jesus’ appearances after His Resurrection, but before His Ascension, it was always mentioned that He ate with them. That we can look forward to eating after we are resurrected.

Chuck really loved the Word of God. He loved to look for design — in the biblical text as well as in creation. He loved examining scientific concepts and exploring how they related to God. He wasn’t afraid of looking at any aspect of life. But his ultimate passion was sharing with others about how the Lord authenticates Himself through prophecy. How God thoroughly enjoys revealing what He will do before He brings it about.

Chuck was always full of questions. His faith in Jesus was unwavering. His life touched countless others with his contagious energy.