Testimony and Encouragement

The Legacy Project

A drug dealer with a pregnant girlfriend goes to jail, for stealing from Disneyland, and meets Jesus while there. Upon leaving jail he is introduced to the Bible teaching of Chuck Missler through the 66/40 radio show in Southern California.

Last year when we started the Koinonia Legacy project we had no idea how powerful the life-changing stories would be. God has used Chuck’s expository Bible teaching to grow so many believers for their God-given life callings.

This month we are featuring an amazing redemption story and example of growth through Chuck’s ministry. Meet Jeremy Pippin.

Soon after the Lord saved me, I was released from jail. In 1993 I stumbled upon Christian radio and a radio program called 66/40. Wow! The Bible came alive in a way that I had not experienced yet in my walk with Christ. Chuck had insights and understanding that was, for the lack of better words, “God breathed”. I was hooked. This was the early 90’s and there was no internet so every day I would wait for my time with him on the radio.

Chuck became my first spiritual father. I got my own personal updates subscription and K-rations, and began talking to Christian friends about the amazing way the Bible displayed deadly accuracy down to the dotting of an “i” or the crossing of a “t”. I was in love with God and His word.

After 2 years in southern California with Chuck on the radio every day, I moved to Las Vegas by a call of the Holy Spirit. Soon I found Chuck on the radio again, praise God, and began sharing what I had learned from him in the church where I served as one of the lay pastoral leaders. Often when given the opportunity to speak, out would come something I learned from Chuck! Most of the time, even though I was passionate and excited, most people just didn’t get it. I would share things that I learned in the “Beyond Series, like the fact that the speed of light is slowing down and think to myself, “this is an incredibly important fact that people need to know, why are they not as excited about this as I am?!” I simply could not understand! Then I realized after so many years with Chuck Missler, I was no longer a “well-adjusted” person.

Then one day something happened and I was hit below the belt. The radio station that Chuck was on stopped carrying him. I was angry and lost. Why wouldn’t they keep Chuck’s program? Could there even be a better use of air time than Chuck Missler?!?

I would wait for my K-rations to come like a kid waiting for his lost puppy to come home. Chuck had become like a father to me. He was so open and transparent in his studies that I felt like I knew him better than I knew my own father. I felt closer to him than my own father. Chuck did not only share his accomplishments in life but also his failures. His insights were born out of joy and pain. He has meant so much to me in my life and spiritual growth.

Now days I have hundreds and hundreds of hours of commentary with his voice and video, when the world starts to get crazy or not easy to understand I click play and Chuck quickly takes me back to that young kid fresh out of jail and excited about the future and in love with God and His word.

Thank you Chuck! Thank you for a quarter century of love that you have given to me. You have changed my life for eternity.

Jeremy Pippin

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