Christmas Presence



In the lead up to Christmas 2018 I felt the Lord was showing me another side to the festive season. Illness within my family combined with watching friends go through various different trials made me aware that sometimes this can be a very difficult time of year for people.

There’s also so much pressure put on us through television and adverts to have our lives live up to the “Christmas dream” and meet the “ideal image” of what Christmas time should be like. Scenes of carefree, happy families gathered around the table for a wonderful feast are projected from every screen for weeks leading up to Christmas Day! For so many reasons, though, this may not be the case for many people, and this can lead to feelings such as depression, stress, inadequacy and isolation.

During this time, I remember walking up towards Regent Street with my husband, Jan, one evening. We were going to see the incredible angels that light up that part of London at Christmas time. They normally bring so much joy and excitement to my heart, but after a bad diagnosis from the doctor was given to someone very close to me, I found myself remarking to Jan,

“I’m looking at all the same, amazing twinkling lights as yesterday but now they’ve completely lost their sparkle for me.”

By God’s grace and mercy, Christmas 2018 was still a wonderful one in spite of the challenges we faced. His incredible ability to heal had my family singing His praises on Christmas Eve! I felt inspired to write a poem, however, that might address this subject and hopefully bring comfort and encouragement to someone who may not be feeling the festive spirit like everyone else around them seems to be.

If you feel the festive lights have lost their appealing twinkle, or you’re facing this Christmas with a heavy heart, I pray this poem can bring the focus back onto the real meaning of Christmas and encourage your soul today. In the midst of all the glitter and the bustle of the season, let’s remember the miracle of that first Christmas when God humbled Himself and came in the form of man. Well are the words sung each year,

“Veiled in flesh the Godhead see, hail the incarnate Deity!”

No matter what’s going on in your life today, remember you have a Saviour. I pray that you’d be filled with His peace and enveloped by His loving presence as you draw close to Him this Christmas.


Christmas can be wonderful, a special time of year.

A time when many hearts and homes are filled with festive cheer.

Oh what joy to hear the songs and see the twinkling lights

As thrilling Christmas sights and smells bring warmth to 
winter nights.


Yet Christmas can be difficult and though it’s set apart,

For some it is a time endured and with a heavy heart.

Nostalgic thoughts or deep regrets bring feelings of despair,

Or facing Christmas dinner with a newly empty chair.


Financial woes and illnesses care not for Christmas peace.

Some trials are relentless and never seem to cease.

Though yuletide hymns may fill the air, bringing joy and glee,

For some they highlight just how lonely Christmas time can be.


Yet through our tribulation we know we can take heart

For One has overcome this world and set our lives apart.

The Baby in the manger was sent from God above.

In Him alone we find our hope, our peace, our joy, our love.


These things we can receive through Christ for God is generous.

A precious list of Christmas gifts our Saviour gives to us.

Although we may be downcast we needn’t be forlorn,

Remembering that Christmas is the time when Hope was born!


Hope that pierced the darkness to save the souls of man,

Redemption set in place by God before the world began.

Our hope through tribulation, though it may seem absurd

Is rooted in the certainty and promise of God’s Word.


Each morning brings new mercies, His compassions never fail.

Abounding in our hope through Christ we know we can prevail!

Hope for life eternal prevents us giving in

For Jesus is our portion and there’s always hope in Him.


This precious gift He gives us allays our fear and doubt,

Christ’s hope within our hearts is like a flame that won’t go out.

It’s presence ever faithful will bring the soul a lift.

When hope in God has been embraced then comes the second gift.


Peace that overflows within and brings our spirit rest

For Jesus took our sins as far as East is from the West!

Peace in God’s forgiveness, to know our debt is paid

So let your heart be troubled not nor let it be afraid.


Justified by faith in Christ, united with our King;

Tranquility and righteousness that only He can bring!

Although we may be troubled we needn’t be forlorn,

Remembering that Christmas is the time when Peace was born.


Sent to us from Heaven to fulfil the Father’s plan,

The Catalyst through Whom would come the peace for 
God and man.

Now we know the richness of God’s sweet communication,

Praise to the Almighty! There is peace for every nation!


Purchased by the blood of Christ, released from guilt and shame,

Accepted through His sacrifice we praise His holy name!

God struck the heart of darkness through His precious baby Boy,

When peace with Him has been embraced then comes the gift of joy!


Joy in our Redeemer, knowing He is in control.

Joy that grows in heart and mind and infiltrates the soul!

Joy that’s not reliant upon any circumstance,

Joy that glows and radiates through shining countenance!


Though “happiness” be fickle and a fleeting state of mind,

Joy remains through hardship for at it’s roots we find

The God Who made the moon and stars and gave the breath of life,

Gives constant strength and help to those who suffer times of strife.


Although we may be weary we needn’t be forlorn,

Remembering that Christmas is the time when Joy was born.

Only through this Saviour can our spirit grow and flourish

And tragedy is often where our faith is deeply nourished.


His joy will cast away our fears and fill our heart with reverence,

Joy that’s overflowing when we rest in Jesus’ presence.

Joy that stirs an inner song to hail our God above.

When joy in Christ has been embraced then comes the gift of love!


Love for other people, love for fellow man,

Inspired by the Prince of Peace, our God, the great I Am!

Although we may be broken we needn’t be forlorn,

Remembering that Christmas is the time when Love was born!


Though draped in Heaven’s glories, Christ chose to leave His Throne!

In human flesh He came to have the Father’s love made known.

The Lord of Earth and Heaven was willing to descend,

Burdened by humanity, He died and rose again!


The God of new beginnings makes broken spirits whole,

The God Who breathes new life into the dead parts of the soul!

Endless love through Jesus Who wipes away each tear.

His love, the perfect present to unwrap this time of year!


Let us not be mournful, let not our spirits sigh

For Christmas is the time when God responded to our cry.

Behold! The door is open for healing and salvation,

Redemption and eternal life await for every nation!


Glory in the highest! Let our sorrows melt away

As we offer up our praises and exalt His name today!

May the love of Jesus enfold us this Noel.

The victory is won through Him, our God, Emmanuel!


This Christmas may we bask in Christ, our Gift from God above

And dwell in sweet surrender and the safety of His love.

May this season bring new joy and fill us with a reverence

For Jesus Christ our Saviour and His awesome Christmas Presence.


Scripture References

Matthew 11:28; Isaiah 40:31; Lamentations 3:22-26; John 16:33; Philippians 4:6-7; Nehemiah 8:10; Romans 15:13; John 3:16; 1 John 3:1; 1 Peter 5:6-7

This poem was excerpted from Lucy Wall’s book The Scarlet Thread: A Book of Poems by Lucy Wall, available from Amazon.