The Cornuke Connection


I first became aware of Bob Cornuke through his book ”Mountain of Fire.“ It was during August 2001 when my family and I were visiting our good friends, the Corletts, at their home in Upstate New York. Chris Corlett gave us the book and as we read it we found ourselves captivated by the daring exploits of Bob and his partner Larry. When we returned to our home in England, I called Chuck Missler to tell him of our discovery only to find out that Chuck was not only aware of Bob's adventures but had personally been encouraging him for some time. Soon after my conversation with Chuck I invited Bob to be one of our guest speakers at our annual Koinonia House conference held during the summer of 2002 in Portsmouth, England.

At this conference the people got a real treat as they listened to the adventures and discoveries of a real ”Indiana Jones“ type character. During the conference he not only gave a powerful personal testimony of his journey to what he believed could be the real Mount Sinai in north-west Saudi Arabia, but he also thrilled the delegates with his discoveries of the possible location for the Lost Anchors from Paul's Shipwreck.

More important to me, in those first few days after meeting Bob, was the discovery of a man of integrity and passion to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I was very pleased to see that he was not a mere thrill seeker but a serious disciple of Jesus who wanted to use his personal life discoveries to impact the lives of others for Christ. During this same time Chuck Missler could not say enough good things about this new-found ministry companion. After that conference Chuck and Bob went on many expeditions together. They seemed to energize each other in their quest of seeking those things that would encourage people to take the Bible seriously.

For the next 14 years, Bob primarily pursued his interests through the support of the B.A.S.E Institute. During this time Chuck and Bob were occasional ministry partners but organizationally remained separate. In 2015 Chuck expressed to me that he wanted to forge a closer relationship with Bob and to draw him into a more productive ministry partnership with Koinonia House. Chuck saw Bob as having the same ministry ethos as those within the K-House team and felt that Bob would bring into our K-House family a skill and focus that was very compatible with our core goals and objectives. If challenging the status quo is a well-known K-House hallmark, then Bob certainly has proven himself a man who is not shy about using his police detective skills to investigate – and even rethink – some of the Church's closest held traditions.

This month Koinonia House proudly announces the release of Bob's new book Explore: My life searching for lost locations in the Bible. This book is a compilation of all his adventures rolled into one volume. Trust me when I say that this book will thrill, excite and encourage you in your own adventure of faith.

God bless you,