Goodbye to Amazon


In addition to our website at, Koinonia House launched an additional materials outlet on Amazon in 2016. Our original rationale was that it would give us a broader reach and make our materials available to an untapped audience. Initially, we saw a slight increase in our materials being distributed so we just let that service run alongside our K-House store.

Over the years we have noticed that Amazon was collecting a greater and greater amount for their administrative fees. A recent sales report from 2023/24 revealed that the average Amazon listing ‘tax’ averaged 44% of the net sale with some of our materials seeing a 55% commission being extracted from the customer’s purchase price. We even found that our small books, which sell for $5.95 retail yielded only $0.50 for K-House after all the Amazon fees. Keep in mind that Koinonia House Inc. is a non-profit, 501(c)3 organization and our operating income comes solely from the sale of our materials, and donations.

So, after careful examination of these statistics, it became clear that we needed to redirect our sales efforts to benefit our loyal K-House customers, rather than an online conglomerate. Therefore, starting May 2024, Koinonia House physical materials will no longer be available on the Amazon store. Rather than fill the coffers of Amazon, we would rather fill the pockets of our K-House friends with materials that can help them grow in the knowledge and faith in the Word of God.

Now when you visit our store, at, you will see that we are not only offering all the materials associated with our ministry for purchase, but we are offering many free digital downloads. To celebrate this new consolidation, we are happy to announce that for the month of May we are offering most of the DVD’s and Digital Downloads (MP4 Video and MP3 Audio) at up to 50% off the normal retail price!

Please keep us in your prayers as we seek to do the will of the One who directs our path in this ministry.