Steeling Minds in Anaheim

Submitted by Chuck Missler on Apr 01, 2005

It was Monday morning on the East Coast when a man hears a radio show with Chuck discussing the upcoming Steeling conference in five days on the West Coast. Motivated to attend, he gets in his car and drives for four days to Anaheim. Having completed his stay he now says he would do it again - it was worth every mile! 

Over 1000 Gather to Hear Top Teachers

Lets face it, when you get 1000 believers together in a room to study the Bible from 9 AM to 9 PM, taught by the top Bible teachers in the U.S. (and one from Great Britain!), the atmosphere is supercharged! From Mike Gendron's opening presentation of The Best Kept Secret in the Church to Frank Perettis wind-up with his Christian Blue Grass Band, it was an awesome steel-on-steel day.

amcintoshBut it wasn't only the teaching that is so incredible. Its also the thousands of books/tapes/DVDs that are available for attendees to browse. You can get solid Scriptural information on just about every apologetic and Bible prophecy subject under the sun. And then there are the people attending. Just talking to those sitting around you brings smiles. This conference attracts only the die-hard believers who love the Lord, love their Bible, and love to learn.