Online Classes at KI!

Submitted by K-House Team on Oct 01, 2005

Last month we launched our first online course at Koinonia Institute. The purpose of the online class is to provide both structure and community for our KI student body. Currently you can take all eight of our courses at any time in a self-study mode, but we have found that many need additional structure to keep then on task. In other words, oftentimes we get stuck in the road and we need an occasional push and that's what our online format provides.

Our first class, Prophecy 101, is a three-unit course ending October 10th that requires students to: 

  1. Listen to a one-hour session each of the first four weeks; 
  2. Respond to weekly discussion topics which are posted; 
  3. Take a weekly quiz that is posted; 
  4. Maintain a vocabulary list; and 
  5. Interact with fellow students in regards to either the weekly discussion questions or the course material.

The last two weeks of the course are for completing book reports and research papers. As mentioned, many have found this to be the motivation they need to get through the course material in a timely fashion. This version gives the freedom of self study (you can do your weekly assignments whenever you see fit during the week) with the structure that assures your work will be completed at the end of the course.

The Book of Daniel, a four-unit course, will be ten weeks long and will begin in mid-October. If this is of interest to you, be sure to contact me right away. Our goal will be to offer all of our courses online beginning January 2006. By the way, the book of Revelation will be available soon and will be split into two three-unit courses.

Visit the Koinonia Institute Website for more information.