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Biotech & Global Pestilence

The threat of germ warfare has brought to the forefront long-forgotten diseases like plague, anthrax, and smallpox. Recent television news programs have highlighted secret projects in the former Soviet Union to develop antibiotic-resistant strains of genetically engineered viruses and bacteria.

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News Sources

Europeans on alert for Asian bird flu - Amid further reports of bird deaths in Russia, just over the mountains that separate Asia from Europe, European countries were preparing Tuesday for the possibility that migratory birds might carry the dread avian influenza virus to Europe in coming months, and scientists were trying to understand more about the mysterious spread of the disease.

Adult Cells Transformed Into Stem Cells - A new type of hybrid cell created at Harvard University could eventually solve the mystery of how embryonic stem cells develop into specialized adult cells, and provide genetically tailored treatments for many human diseases. What's more, the technique holds out the possibility of doing this without creating or destroying human embryos.

Scientists Find Flexible Stem Cells in Placenta - Scientists looking for easier and less-controversial alternatives to stem cells from human embryos said on Friday they found a potential source in placentas saved during childbirth.

Russia Bird Flu Could Spread to Europe - A strain of bird flu dangerous to humans could spread to parts of the European Union from Russia. More than 50 people have died in Asia from H5N1 since late 2003, raising fears it could mutate and form the basis of a global epidemic.

Bird flu could take 10 years to eradicate - Bird flu is entrenched in Asia and it will take up to a decade to rid the region of the deadly virus and declare humans, animals and meat safe from infection.

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