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  • Garden Tomb
    Every spring, we celebrate the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ by hiding colored eggs and chocolate bunnies for our children. Little girls run around in white frilly dresses and boys sport handsome braces to hold up well-pressed trousers.
  • Easter
    After Jesus resurrection, why did people always seem to have difficulty recognizing Him? We cant help but notice something strange about Jesus post-resurrection appearances.
  • gardentomb
    For over twenty years we have guided Bible study tours to Israel. There is nothing that compares to a visit to the Holy Land. As my daughter once remarked, "It turns your black-and-white Bible into living color."
  • Article
    The observances of Good Friday and Easter Sunday have perpetuated the traditional chronology that the crucifixion took place on a Friday, that the Lord's body was buried on that day about 6 p.m., and that he rose from the dead early on Sunday.