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Topical Bible Study: Easter

Easter is the time when Christians commemorate the death of Jesus Christ, and celebrate his Resurrection. From a series of fraudulent trials, to a willing self-sacrifice that redeemed the whole of creation, Resurrection Day is full of meaning and significance.


The Day of Debt

Chuck Missler discusses whether Jesus Christ was crucified on Friday or on Wednesday - to have been 'three days and three nights' dead by the time of his resurrection.

The Ultimate Injustice

Chuck Missler draws from The Six Trials of Jesus by John Lawrence and describes the multitude of illegal acts that ocurred against and around Jesus Christ on the night he was tried and condemned.

The Unexpected King

Chuck Missler takes a look at Jesus' triumphal entry in Jerusalem, and the many prophetic symbology and foretelling tied in with this event.

Six Hours in Eternity

Physicist and Christian Lambert Dolphin looks at the terrible price Christ paid on the cross, and how his suffering might have carried over into eternity. And still is?!

A Textual Surprise: The Empty Tomb

Even though Chuck harbors a skeptical cynicism toward most 'traditional' sites, he explains the reasons why he believes that the Garden Tomb might be the actual one used for the burial of Jesus Christ.


A Brazen Epitaph:

Friday or Wednesday?

Your Questions Answered By Chuck Missler

The Ultimate Injustice

The Day We Were Freed: