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The Significance of Your Vote

Our Election Franchise:

Most of us are alarmed at the rapid decline of our once-great country. Our elected officials pass laws they haven’t studied, exempt themselves from the burdens they impose on others, and become the pawns of the power brokers rather than faith-fully representing their own constituents. All this at a time when our own economy is irresponsibly ignored.

How far do they have to go before we decide to do something about it?

Some Basic Insights

We need to understand three basic dynamics:

1. Governments grow in response to crises. That’s why gov-ernments often favor wars and other national emergencies. They afford the opportunity to mobilize the collective in-ternal resources against an external enemy. Governments have often created external crises to divert domestic pres-sures.

2. The great discovery in this country is that social “crises” can serve the same purpose. The great social ills—poverty, crime, disadvantaged minorities—can be used to the same ends. Bureaucracies can be created, budgets expanded, and accountability diffused. But there’s an even more insidious dynamic:

3. Immorality invariably leads to social crises. Promiscuity, sexual aberrations, and other forms of immoral behavior create social, medical, and economic crises, broadening the apparent need for more government intervention.

Is it any wonder, then, why governments have an incentive to promote immorality? Is it a surprise to discover the gov-ernment intruding into our homes, families, schools and churches, and in doing so, destroying the moral fabric of our society, the authority of our family, the quality of our educa-tion, and the sanctity of our beliefs?

They have a compelling incentive to do so. The destruction of our society creates the very problems that lead to more bu-reaucracies, budgets, career advancement, and the grasp for power—that ultimate aphrodisiac.

Our Opportunity

We live in a representative democracy, a country God has uniquely blessed. I believe He will hold us accountable for the freedoms, the liberties, and the opportunities He has provided us.

We have an opportunity to exercise one of our most impor-tant stewardships this November. In a representative democ-racy, we, the people, have the right to express our views.


Spiritual warfare involves preparation. In Ephesians Chap-ter 6, Paul urges us to “put on the whole armor of God.” One or two pieces won’t do, and we can’t wait until we are in the battle. We must put it on before the battle is engaged. In this case, we need to do our homework before we go to the polls.

Make it a matter of personal diligence to investigate your candidates:

1) Does your candidate believe in the God of the Bible?

2) How has your candidate dealt with government intrusion into our lives? Does he or she favor federal solutions to so-cial “crises”?

3) Has he or she demonstrated a commitment to preserving our Constitutional protections?

4) Where does he or she stand relative to homosexuality? Abortion? Health rationing? Does he or she really reflect your values and priorities?

The Zero-Base Concept

There is a concept in many businesses called “Zero-Base Budgeting.” This involves the annual reexamination of every element of the enterprise, with a healthy distrust of the status quo. Every expenditure must “fight for its life” during this type of review, with no weight given without previously demon-strated contributions consistent with the current objectives and challenges.

Some are advocating a similar “audit” of our elected repre-sentatives. The basic philosophy is to “re-elect Nobody” except as they have clearly and actively demonstrated a commitment to our primary priorities.

Some feel it is better to gamble on an unknown challenger than to continue with an incumbent who has not distinguished himself (or herself) on behalf of your cherished values. An in-teresting approach.

Your Mandate

Treat your vote as a franchise given by God. Not many countries enjoy this opportunity. You have no right to bemoan the loss of that which you did not seek to protect.

Finally, I believe our solution ultimately lies in the prayer closet rather than in the ballot box. I believe God can restore this beachhead for the Gospel to a hurting world.

Whether it endures is a matter of your diligence and mine.

Without Him we can’t. Without us, He won’t. Let’s pray.

* * *


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