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Release of the KHouse TV App

In the March issue of “Personal Update,” we published my article “Digital Dictators,” which gave a summary of the direction we believe the world is heading regarding the personal rating systems which could soon be consolidated into a centralized database that would allow the elite to monitor and control the masses. As a result of these ongoing developments, I also pointed out that our ministry “reach” via the standard social media outlets has been severally diminished over the past six years due to the apparent blocking of our content.

Therefore, Koinonia House is formally releasing a whole new way for us to make our materials available to our friends and followers. This April, you should be able to download the KHouse TV app through the normal App Stores (IOS, Apple TV, Android, Android TV, Roku, Amazon)1. This service has been in development within K-House for several years and has been made possible through generous funding from our ministry supporters.

You will also be able to view our video materials via our website portal in the format of the KHouse TV app2. When you are on our main KHouse.org webpage, simply click on the KHouse TV button, and you can start enjoying your favorite teaching videos. Koinonia House has more than a thousand individual videos of Bible teaching. Our vision is to see all our video and audio content made available through this exciting window to the world.

I believe that we are living in the Last Days as prophesied in the Bible. The apostle Paul went so far as to characterize these days as “perilous times.”3 Given the encroaching darkness that will eventually engulf the entire world, Christians need to be equipped and prepared to stand as “the light of the world.”4

To accomplish this, we are offering a two-tiered service:

  1. The Free Service has the following features:
    • Stream Video and Audio content
    • Large selection of free content - Most Topical Studies are now Free to Watch!
    • Ad-free (No annoying ads in both free and paid subscriptions)
    • Access recordings via app or web
    • Cast to compatible device from your mobile device
  2. The Paid Subscription has the following additional features:
    • Access to premium content
    • Background Audio Playback
    • Resume from where you left off
    • Personalized Play-list
    • Optional ‘New Content’ notification
    • Download for offline play

Part of the launch also includes a new Streaming Website5 so users can either use the app or site. The website is Live now: https://www.khouse.tv

Under Development

You may notice some content missing from the new streaming service. This is because, with the advance in TVs and Devices (namely 4k resolutions), we felt that it is important to remaster all our content to a minimum resolution that would still look good on large displays. So, we’ve omitted some of our low-resolution products and will release them regularly over time as they are remastered. Audio-only products also need to be adapted for the new streaming service.

Please Pray for Us.

Although there is considerable running cost associated with this type of streaming service, our hope is that as we “feed the flock” our Shepherd will provide all our needs according to His riches in glory. Please join us in prayer for this venture that doors will open, that believers will be encouraged and that the Gospel will reach beyond the control of the Digital Dictators.

We hope you’re as excited about this as we are, and we’re keen to get feedback and good app reviews. You can contact us at


PLEASE NOTE: Unless otherwise expressly stated, pricing and offers mentioned in these articles are only valid for up to 30 days from initial publication date and may be subject to change.