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Articles for 2013


2012: The Year In Review – Annual Report Card

Global Challenges 2013 – Current Events

Issachar Tour 2012 – Trip Report

The Long Night of Sennacherib – Mars’ Near Pass-by?

Works: The Spirit vs. The Flesh – Nan's Corner - January Article

Palestine and the U.N. Vote – Mid-East Update


Above the Code – Epigenetics: Big New Changes in Genetics

The Kings of the East – Far-East Update

The Fruit of the Spirit is Love – Nan's Corner - February Article

The Gospel of John – New Commentary

Those Who Were Devoted – A Challenge To Today’s Church


The Blood and the Lamb – Prophecy is Pattern

The Church in the End Times – New Briefing Package

Epigenetics: Part 2 – Science & The Bible

The War on Guns – The Progressive Loss Of Freedoms

Definition of an Overcomer – Nan’s Corner - March Article


Faith Choices: The Key to Overcoming – Nan's Corner - April Article

DNA: Encode in Code – Science & The Bible

Reflections on our Talmidim Tour – Israel Trip Report

The Unknown Gospel – New Briefing Package

A Time to Stand – Preparing For The Coming Battle


A Kingdom Perspective – Kingdom, Power & Glory

Dangerous Games – The Middle East and Islam

The Feast of Pentecost – Prophetic Feast

The Myth of Persecution? – A Modern Myth?

The Fullness of His Joy – Nan's Corner - May Article


Attacking God’s Word – The Bible

A Message from Outside Time – New Briefing

A New Way of Love – Our Marriage

Parental Rights in Danger – Culture Wars

The Vatican’s Savior? – Exo-Vaticana


Christ in the Ranks – Culture Wars

Declaring our Independence – American Liberty

The Great Opportunity – Sharing Our Faith

True Deliverance – Be Ye Transformed


When God Disciplines His Own – A Timely Message

The Old Paths – The Bible

Our Purpose as Christians – Reflections of His Image

The Geopolitics of Oil – Energy

The Fulcrum of the Universe – New Briefing Package

A Bellwether Nation – Culture Wars


Blessings From Sorrows – Never Give Up

Calling Overcomers – Christianity in America

Standing for Israel – CUFI Summit 2013

The Fall Feasts of Israel – Prophetic Implications

Update on New Zealand – Ministry at the River Lodge


Bible Prophecy and Muslims – What Is Our Mandate?

Education in Crisis – Culture Wars

Financial Stewardship – Strategic Perspectives

What Is God’s Will? – Never Give Up


Jobs 3.0 – The Economy

Syria’s Red Lines, Headlines, & Bottom Lines – Mideast

We Three Kings…? – Pre-Holiday Briefing

The Seed of the Serpent – New Briefing

Abiding in the Spirit – Reflections of His Image


The Denizens of the Metacosm – Angels Volume 3

Financial Turmoil: Part 1 – Stewardship

Standing the Test of Time – Christian Living

Strategic Perspectives – Conference Briefing

Why Is Worship So Important? – Private Worship