Calling Overcomers

Christianity in America

For the first time since the American Civil War, all serious-minded Christians in America are being forced to choose between God’s Law and man’s law.

When the enemy shall come in like a flood, the Spirit of the Lord shall lift up a standard against him.

Isaiah 59:19

The United States has long considered itself a Christian nation, a house of God. But President Obama acts as if we are not. In this, Mr. Obama is at least partly correct.

Prior to the election, Mr. Obama made his intentions clear to those paying attention. Still, much—perhaps most—of American voters chose him for president. He appears to be simultaneously a personal victim of the accelerating ungodliness of America and a national agent of it.

Mr. Obama represents what is arguably the most important medium-term strategic trend in the world today: the de-Christianization of the U.S. government and its allied institutions of technology, the sciences, education, organized labor, and major corporations.

As they turn away from God, these entities are growing in size and power. They are moving aggressively into what has, since our nation’s founding, been considered off-limits: the right of American citizens to make choices of conscience and faith in governing their own churches, marriages, children, businesses and property.

The U.S. government and its institutional allies are increasingly hostile to the Bible, and their actions are not limited to U.S. soil. Many have said that America’s actions have long been worse abroad than they are now becoming at home.

Christians in the U.S. have enjoyed generations of relatively sanguine treatment by our government and generally peaceful relations with the unbelieving residents of our neighborhoods. This breezy relationship between U.S. Christians and our government is now over.

Choosing Between God’s Law and Man’s Law

For the first time since the American Civil War, all serious-minded Christians in America are being forced to choose between God’s Law and man’s law. This question of conscience is no longer academic.

There is plenty of blame to go around. Much of it falls on the fathers of our Christian homes, on our pastors, and on all American Christians.

The Bible documents that Ancient Israel has preceded the U.S. many times into national wickedness. Our fallen nature means corruption and failure is, in fact, the way of human endeavors worldwide. But regardless of the certain ultimate failure of the U.S., our representative form of government puts American Christians in the role of shapers of U.S. government policy today.

Our Responsibilities as Christians

Considering that U.S. economic, cultural and military power influences people’s lives almost everywhere, American Christians have considerable leverage compared to the great majority of the world’s people. This fact, together with the requirement that we love our neighbors as ourselves,1 means that obedience to God’s Law requires American Christians to take appropriate responsibility for our government’s actions and policies. We remember that the Apostle Paul did not shy from using his Roman citizenship at opportune times to further the Gospel.

The U.S. government is not our enemy, neither are the people within it. However, the principalities and powers behind these growing government policies are indeed of the enemy.2

These policies are strongholds which exalt themselves against the knowledge of God and are to be pulled down.3 They are to be pulled down, not by evil but by good. And herein lies the challenge.


There is still time for us to repent, pray and act. This is a time of tremendous opportunity. [See the Editor note at the end of this article.]

Thus also faith by itself, if it does not have works, is dead.

James 2:17

Rules of Engagement

The entire earth is, among other things, a battleground for supernatural forces operating in the physical and non-physical dimensions.4 We all, knowingly or not, participate in this battle as both soldiers and/or the prize.

Through his Word, God has provided believers with Rules of Engagement (RoE): what is permissible for us in this warfare, and what is not. The entire Bible must be studied diligently and prayerfully to understand these rules.5

Know Our Enemy

Our enemy, Satan, is a murderer and a deceiver.6 We are to expect no quarter from him, but at the same time we are certainly not to fear him.7

Tactic 1: Control the Tongue (and the Keyboard)

In past articles we have discussed how a fundamental currency of the physical universe is information. The same is true in our spiritual warfare: we seek to disseminate and exhibit God’s Truth; Satan seeks constantly to subvert it with lies.

Information is also a crucial component of warfare in the physical. This applies to political and intelligence operations and cold wars, insurgencies, proxy wars and full-scale shooting wars.

Jesus purposefully controlled the release and spread of key information about Himself and His mission. He did so in part through the use of parables,8 careful selection of his operators,9 release of information to key personnel only,10 and direct commands for silence.11

U.S. Christians are not accustomed to living, much less operating, in a hostile domestic social, political and legal climate. It’s time to accept this new reality and apply appropriate discretion in our communications (personal and electronic) and our relationships. Jesus directed his field teams to be “wise as serpents.”12 So should we.

Tactic 2: Control the Tempo

Wars hinge on the nature and strength of individual events and the timing between them. Controlling the tempo of events, rather than being controlled by them, is crucial. Jesus’ ministry on earth gives a clear model. Jesus could have been killed prior to the appointed time. For example, Satan tried to persuade Jesus to kill himself at the outset of Jesus’ ministry.13 Jesus parried with Scripture. Likewise, those in the synagogue of Nazareth sought to throw Him off a cliff.14 Jesus did not allow this, but passed through them and went His way.

A similar danger was the effort to make Him king15 or otherwise delay or distract His ministry.16 He avoided these.

Jesus purposefully managed the tempo of His ministry to bring his campaign to a successful conclusion (Crucifixion) at precisely the right time and place to fulfill Scripture and achieve victory. He arranged confrontation when appropriate,17 and slipped away when appropriate.

Likewise, the Apostle Paul used every resource at his disposal, both standing his ground, and fleeing. He even escaped over a city wall in a basket18 in order to stay mobile and effective.

Believers should not allow the enemy to dictate events within the sphere of responsibility that God has assigned to us. We should not passively or foolishly allow the enemy to take us out.

Field Operations

U.S. Christians face a secular power structure that is immensely wealthy, increasingly ruthless, and wields overwhelming physical power. Christ’s ministry strategy and the acts of His Gospel-period disciples and the Apostles provide a template for successful field operations in this environment. Key elements include:

  • Small (usually two-man), committed, mobile, low-profile teams that carry their marching orders in their memories and draw their minimal supplies from believing households.
  • Streamlined, minimal command structure.
  • Contacts are made directly with households and individuals.
  • Rapid dispersion.
  • Rapid identification of those who are called of Christ.19
  • Careful selection and training of core leaders.

Persons familiar with insurgency doctrine, Low-Intensity Conflict methods, and the Underground Railroad during the U.S. War Between The States will quickly recognize this blueprint.

Tremendous Opportunity

Our goal is not to save the United States from its demise, though we may see a reprieve of years or decades. We seek first and declare the Kingdom of God. This is a time of tremendous opportunity to make disciples.

Ed. Note: World Net Daily is sponsoring a National Day of Prayer and Repentance on September 11, 2013. Please check out and take it to the Throne of God. Here’s an excerpt from their website.

9/11: Day of Prayer and Repentance

When America’s founders faced challenges, they often had the wisdom and insight to call for a national day of prayer. America is facing challenges today that, in many ways, rival anything seen since the start of World War II. Government is broken. No longer does Washington see itself as a servant of the people but rather as their master. So where do we turn? How can we save America? What would our founders do faced with such predicaments? We’ve got to do battle with the powers and the principalities we face, with the violence and immorality, envy, hatred and avarice by humbling ourselves and seeking the will and mercy of God. A nationwide day of prayer and repentance can have an enormous impact on restoring our country. Will you make a note on your calendar now to join me in that commitment? This is a matter between God and His people.


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