“Bringing the world into focus
through the lens of Scripture”


Articles for 2015


Ambassador’s Mandate – Everyone’s Calling

Spiritual Gifts – 1 Corinthians 12, 13, 14

Temple – Archeology

Trusting God in the Darkness: Part 3 – Hope Against Hope


The End of Death – 1 Corinthians 15

A Tale of a False Prophet – Jonestown Massacre

Letters from Jesus – Israel Tours

The Key to Joy – Private Worship

Our Foundation in Christ – Putting Faith into Practice


Spiritual Warfare – Vital For Worship

Our Foundation in God’s Word – Putting Faith Into Practice

The Under Rower of Christ – The Trouble with Titles

Mistaken Identities – Behold a White Horse


Behold a Red Horse – The Horsemen Series

Change Blindness – Human Nature

God’s Supernatural Power – Kingdom, Power & Glory


What Is Mind Renewal? – Be Ye Transformed

Preparing for the End Times – Putting Faith Into Practice

Operation Choke Point – U.S. Politics

Behold a Black Horse – The Horsemen Series


Learning Obedience Through Longsuffering – Never Give Up! The Fruit of Longsuffering

Behold a Livid Horse – The Horsemen Series

The Everyman Strategic Perspective – Education

KI Residential Study Group – Koinonia Institute


Getting Beyond Ourselves – Against The Tide

Attention All Flat Earth Society Members – Science

The Ultimate Resource – Searching For Truth

To Parent Or Not To Parent – Education


Preparing For What Lies Ahead – Education As A Strategic Perspective