Attention All Flat Earth Society Members


Calling all “Flat Earth Society” members! Don’t throw away your historical credentials! It now turns out that your perceptions may have been even more extensive than previously suspected! Not only the Earth, but the entire universe may be “flat.”

As we had previously reported in our article on The Holographic Universe,[1] it now appears that not only the whole universe may be a hologram, it may be in only two dimensions! It, too, may be “flat” mathematically.

In 1997, Juan Maldacena, a physicist, postulated that the current understanding of gravity and the current understanding of quantum theory, have correspondence with each other in spaces with one fewer dimensions (2D).[2]

He pointed out that the universe itself could be a hologram much like those on your credit cards. Looking at a true hologram you can see all the depth of a three dimensional space. In fact you can look “around” a hole in the hologram and see what is behind it. These holograms are, in actuality, in a two dimensional surface.

With the postulation of the Quantum Theory and its apparent experimental confirmation, all the necessary parts for a holographic universe were available. Quantum (think individual “pixels”) are the smallest building block of matter.

Think of them like your digital television. Whether your TV has 720p, 1080p, or the newer 4k resolution, the picture is made of individual pixels. If you get close enough you can see (or begin to see) these tiny dots of color. When you stand back you see all the shading to convince your brain that you are looking at a near 3D picture. The higher the resolution, the better the “3D” effect.

A quantum particle is extremely small at the Planck limit. Each quantum contains enough information, though, to know what every other quantum is doing no matter the distance; (yes, experimentation has apparently confirmed this).[3] What we know about the attributes of quanta easily fits into what is theoretically necessary to produce an extremely high-resolution, holographic projection of the entire universe.

This is what physicists are chasing to confirm right now. If proven, it has vast implications. One physicist commented that if found correct, the next natural conclusion is that someone had to have written the code for the software.[4]

Currently, there are two avenues of research that are directly trying to test this theory. The first is taking place at the US Department of Energy’s Fermilab in Batavia, IL.[5] They have developed a one-of-a-kind instrument that can measure motions a billion times smaller than an atom. They have developed the most sensitive sensors in history as a part of this project. With this instrument (they have named it the “Holometer”), they are collecting data that could confirm that this reality is, in fact, a hologram.

They need a lot of data, but possibly by the end of the year they may be able to offer a conclusion.

Just recently, in Vienna, Austria, a group of mathematicians at TU Wien, exploring the mathematics of the “holographic principle” have announced a breakthrough.[6] The “holographic principle” asserts that a mathematical description of the universe requires only a 2D space. What we see as 3D may just be an image of 2D processes on a gigantic scale.[7]

The scientists, including Arjun Bagchi, Rudranil Basu, Max Riegler and Daniel Grumiller, have managed to show that the same mathematical conclusions for the “holographic principle” in a negatively curved space work for a flat space, too; thus confirming that no laws are violated and no “exotic spaces” are required. This is a huge conceptual leap forward. It doesn’t prove we live in a holographic environment, but it does confirm it is possible.

This work in conjunction with the work being done at Fermilab could confirm the growing suspicions that there is something greater than what we can see. Even secular science is being ostensibly pushed toward an unavoidable truth as it delves further into the engines of creation.

The Biblical View

The Bible has always said that this present “reality” is only transient. It had a beginning and it will have an end.[8]

Are we living in an elaborate holographic “simulation”? Is this but “a shadow” of a higher reality? That’s what the scientists now tell us.[9]

Who supplies the unspeakable amounts of energy that are needed every moment to insure a smooth operation?[10]

Do your own actions within this spacetime determine your destiny when this spacetime is dissolved? This inescapable conclusion is quickly coming upon each of us. Are you sure of your own preparations for what’s ahead?

How far behind can Jesus possibly be? Each tick of the clock represents an additional opportunity to be ever more ready…


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