The Advent of MP3

Advancing Technology

We at K-House are continually searching for more effective ways to serve our subscribers and supporters. Our commitment to electronic media from the very beginning of this ministry was prompted by busy people "on the go" in our mobile and active society. Our early commitment to the Internet five years ago has now established us as one of the web's leading resources. And numerous technological advances continue to lower the cost of distributing study materials and other resources that can help each of us discover, learn, and grow in this adventure we all find ourselves in.

One of the newest technologies becoming readily available is a form of digital compression known as "MP3," which permits very high-quality audio files to be downloaded from the Internet (or other media such as CD-ROMs) for use on very small portable players. Cradled in a small receptacle connected to your computer, the tiny player can download the day's schedule of studies, music, or other materials you select to accompany you on the commute to work or the jog through the park.

The MP3 format is now supported by a myriad of portable players, ranging in price from $70 to $260. These tiny players will allow you to take MP3 files with you anywhere you would take a portable CD or tape player. We feel that this may prove to be one of the most exciting delivery technologies to appear in a long time. This latest compression technology allows us to offer our materials over the Internet in down-loadable files, which may drastically reduce the cost of distributing our study materials and can also make our information resources available to an ever-broadening audience throughout the world.

Please give us your opinions on this alternative form of distribution. As we get more feedback from you, we will be formulating our plans in pursuing this new and exciting format. Pending the outcome of these tests and experiments, we are planning a Membership program that will offer very significant discounts on all of our materials, as they can be made available as MP3 files.