Looking Back...and Ahead

2005/2006 Executive Summary

With the holiday pressures now behind us, we at K-House pause to reflect on our achievements of this past year, as well as to lay out our vision for 2006. Many projects were successfully completed in 2005 - our accounting, order entry, and fulfillment systems were upgraded without major glitches (thank you for your patience). And other projects continued to make outstanding progress, including Koinonia Institute, the Answers DVD/TV series, and Chucks new book, Prophecy 20/20. (These will be highlighted in the report below.)

As we look forward to the challenges and opportunities in 2006, its comforting to know that the Holy Spirit has chosen our ministry to touch your life and for that we are grateful beyond words. Its an honor and an awesome privilege to serve our King and we thank you for allowing this ministry to continue to change lives for the Lord. As the Lord leads, we hope you will choose a specific project to diligently pray for throughout the coming year:

Koinonia Institute

To better serve our subscribers, and to facilitate the equipping of the leadership among home Bible fellowships, in 2005 we continued the process of establishing Koinonia Institute with these three objectives:

  1. To ''Turn Believers into Bereans''! (Acts 17:11);
  2. To establish a network of research associates to assist us in maintaining surveillance of strategic trends and relevant discoveries (1 Chr 12:32); and, ultimately,
  3. To develop leaders and qualified Ambassadors for our Coming King. We believe that the 3rd Commandment, which declares ''Thou shalt not take the Name of the Lord in vain,'' has more to do with ambassadorship than the improper use of vocabulary!

Both Dr. Ralph Maxwell (from Arkansas) and Dan Stolebarger (from San Diego) have relocated to Coeur d'Alene to assist us in this unique effort. In addition to converting our commentaries into ''course-ware'' - by adding supplemental workbooks and exam materials - we are sponsoring a series of Small Group Leadership Roundtable conferences to enroll student commitments and recruit Teaching Assistants for our online Internet courses. These have proved productive and encouraging.

In 2006 we hope to increase our course offerings by at least 10 additional courses.

Prayer Requests: That our student base continues to grow and that their walk with the Lord deepens as a result. We also hope to provide scholarship opportunities to assist worthy students who demonstrate commitment to Biblically based ministry: members of the Armed Forces, prisoners, and others who can now be encouraged to undertake a structured program of study.

DVD Developments

Through special donations in 2005, we were able to substantially upgrade our electronic editing capabilities to produce DVD versions of our publications, and they have been very well received. The DVD format is especially attractive for home study groups. (Our Genesis commentary is even being circulated at one of our government laboratories.)

We now offer 14 briefing packages on DVD, as well as Learn the Bible in 24 Hours and several commentaries. Our new Revelation commentary was the featured offering this Christmas season, and in 2006 we plan to release several more briefing packages on DVD, as well as the Gospel of Matthew commentary, which will be updated and released on DVD next fall.

Prayer Request: That this technology may be used to impact the Kingdom of God.

Prophecy 20/20 Book

Thomas Nelson has asked us to undertake a comprehensive book on prophecy and the initial draft has been submitted. (Its release is scheduled for next fall.) It would also serve as a principal text for the ''Issachar'' track of the Institute.

Prayer Request: That this book will be well received and that it will change lives.


Our ''ANSWERS'' project moved from the drawing board to reality in 2005. This next year will be an exciting one as we travel around the country to sit down with the top minds of our generation and get their take on some of the most persistent and important theological and philosophical questions.

We believe that this TV series, and its derivative DVD products, will encourage and challenge people to deepen their Biblical knowledge and equip them to be more effective witnesses for our Lord. This DVD series will also be designed with small study groups in mind.

Prayer Requests: Special anointing for the authors being filmed, as well as prayer for the equipment itself. Pray also that with our growing list of video-capable products, cable TV and other outlets might be pursued, which could substantially broaden our outreach - abroad as well as nationally.

Knesset Caucus Invitation

In 2005 we were approached by the Knesset, the Parliament of Israel, to become part of their ''Christian Allies Caucus.'' They apparently view us as a key bridge to the independent, Biblically fundamental, Christian supporters of Israel. They have also encouraged us to reestablish the ''Jerusalem Temple Conferences'' that we did years ago.

The Christian Allies Caucus has agreed to participate with us on just such a gathering during our upcoming trip to Israel in March 2006. (This will occur just two weeks before the Israeli elections scheduled for March 28, and might even attract participation by the political contenders.)

Prayer Requests: That this special relationship continues to grow and develop, and that it will bear fruit for both Christians and the land of Israel.

Kings High Way & Kings Place

Nans local outreach is now a beehive buzzing with volunteers, classes, changed lives, and a growing network of relevant resources throughout our local community.

Prayer Requests: That the Lord will continue to have his hand on this unique and growing ministry, and that their new DVD teaching series will bless and improve relationships everywhere.


This ministry is clearly fruitful spiritually, but difficult to justify economically. It has to be regarded as simply an outreach.

Prayer Request: Since expanding our budget in this area will continue to be restricted to a special donation basis, pray that the Lord raises up sponsors in areas that need to hear the Word of God.

The Coming Year

Our current horizon continues to indicate the likelihood of global turbulence in many areas - and most of these appear to have Biblical relevance to the seasoned observer.

Since awareness of the prophetic relevance of current events can be an effective stimulant to serious study of the Bible, and also can be an effective tool for witness in many contexts, we hope to increase our resourcefulness in this area.

We feel that the coming year will clearly continue to offer many truly exciting challenges and opportunities and we very much covet your continued prayers and counsel in focusing on the most effective ones.

How You Can Help

How can you help? One way is to let your friends know what you think of our publications, and encourage them to go online to sign up to our email list. Also, let us hear from you. What would you like to see in the future lineup? And do continue to pray for us. It is a warfare after all.

As we begin this new year, we are committed to reaffirm our mission statement:

To create, develop, and distribute materials to stimulate, encourage, and facilitate serious study of the Bible as the inerrant Word of God.

Thank you again for being our partner - a Koinonos - in these undertakings. We will continue to work hard during this coming year to keep you abreast of the Biblically relevant trends and issues that will impact each of our ''walks'' in these exciting times. May He give each of us discernment in our decisions and courage in our commitments in 2006.